Saturday, November 8, 2008

Beer Update 11-8-08

Here are some of the new kegs getting tapped around the metro-Atlanta area Taco Mac locations. Remember, some of these are in small quantities and will go fast, so please call the store before heading over there if you really have your heart set on something. Also, if you are heading north on I-75 this holiday season and find yourself in Chattanooga, you will find many beers at our location there that you can't find in Georgia. Also, we are installing 14 new draft lines up there this January. Can you say, "Road Trip!"

Red Brick Porter- This used to be called "Winter" and is a double-chocolate oatmeal porter. It is now going to be available year-round. It is going into Old Milton Pkwy., Crabapple, and Lindbergh Center right now. Many other stores have already had it for a while. There will be a new Red Brick Winter coming soon. Allegedly this will be a Belgian-style ale of some sort.

Left Hand/Terrapin Terra-Rye'Zd- If you have not had this beer yet, get going to Johns Creek or East-West Connector (Austell). We only received 6 of these kegs, and it is a very rare style of beer as well. If you don't know anything about it, read last week's blog post.

'07 & '08 Festive are pouring at Dallas Hwy. in Marietta. The '07 is a small keg, and the word is out, so don't delay.

Terrapin Oak-Aged Big Hoppy Monster- There are limited numbers of these kegs as well, but you can find two of them at Duluth and Metropolis. More are coming. The Duluth store will start selling this beer after our Terrapin beer dinner there on Tuesday. Many stores also have the regular, un-oaked Big Hoppy Monster. Austell is receiving theirs this week.

Beer Dinners- Didn't know that Taco Mac does beer dinners every month? Click on the "Beer Dinners" link at If this is not the best beer experience for the money in Atlanta, someone please tell me.

Other notable keg arrivals are:
  • Crabapple has Allagash Black & Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. Get some!

  • Suwanee is hooking up Left Hand's 400 lb. Monkey and Snowbound Spiced Ale, plus Great Divide Hibernation. Felling festive in Gwinnett apparently.

  • Metropolis has got a GD Hibernation going in as well.

  • Lindbergh is tapping the He'Brew Jewbelation 12 (made with 12 malts, 12 hops and is 12% ABV) & Tommyknocker Cocoa Porter.

  • Ellard Village is where you will find fresh Sierra Nevada Celebration, and Great Divide Fresh Hop IPA. I already hear tires squealing, headed for the Fresh Hop, but slow down. It is going to be another week on that. I just want you to get prepared.

  • Kennesaw has received/will be receiving Highland Cold Mountain, Great Divide Oak-Aged Yeti, Corsendonk Christmas, and Avery Ale To The Chief.

Special Notes:

  • Anchor Christmas kegs have been delayed. I expect them to ship out to every store this week. We are waiting with open taps for its arrival.

  • We will have more Avery Ale To The Chief, probably releasing them around the presidential inauguration in January. No politics, just beer.

  • I have a keg of '06 & '08 Duck Rabbit Barley Wine at our Suwanee store. The '09 comes out in January. The guys at the brewery are looking to see if they have any '07, even if they are bottles, so that we can do a 4 year vertical Barley-Wine tasting this winter. Stay tuned and cross you fingers for that '07.

  • The menu will be ready Monday for our December beer dinner. This event will be different in that not one, but 6 breweries will be represented. We are going to feature 6 winter/holiday beers, plus we will be serving homemade eggnog spiked with Rogue Hazelnut Spiced Rum. Yes, in case you did not know, Rogue makes spirits also. The beers are mostly classics that you are familiar with, and one soon-to-be holiday classic. The date is Tuesday, 12/16, and it is being held at Lindbergh Center.

  • In a few weeks I will be in Chico, CA for Beer Camp 3. Myself and 7 other guests will be learning the process for brewing beer at Sierra Nevada, and then assisting in the brew on their pilot system the following day. I will be sure to get some photos to post. The good news for you is that once the beer is packaged, some of the kegs will be coming straight to a few Taco Mac locations in Georgia. Needless to say, this is like being a kid on Christmas Eve for me.

If anything else comes up unexpectedly, you will read it here first. Thanks for your participation.