Thursday, July 1, 2010

Christmas In July Calendar

Go to the web site to find a link to a calendar that tells you what every store is selling, plus the day they will start selling them, during the big Christmas In July program. There are vintage-dated cellared beers being made available throughout the month to help you deal with the typical slow down in unique beers that we always experience in the middle of summer. Once you get to the main page of the Taco Mac web site, look at the very bottom for the link (a small amount of scrolling may be needed). Once I get back from visiting family in Michigan, I will try to set up a link here. That is a new function for me, and I don't want to put my family through the barrage of cursing and screaming that usually accompanies me trying something on a computer for the first time. There are, after all, children around who don't yet know some of the words that just come naturally to me.

I hope you enjoy getting to taste some of these beers, and hopefully you get into a store or two that may be new to you as well. That is kind of the idea of publishing this calendar. It will give the credit hunters a chance for some rare items that most likely will never be seen again. Important: Be sure to call for availability if you are stopping by on a date other than the release date. Some of these are in short supply and may go quickly. The phone numbers for all of our stores are also listed on the web site. Just click on "Locations", and it gets pretty easy after that. Have fun with this and be careful. Most beers that age well are pretty strong, but you folks already knew that. Have a great holiday weekend, and Merry July everyone!

PS-- Don't blow up anything important on the 4th, but be sure to blow something up. It is a patriotic duty. Your nation is counting on you.