Monday, March 14, 2011

Boom Goes The Dynamite

Event Update! No, I am not going to remind you about the Foothills Sexual Chocolate cask tomorrow in Charlotte. You are either already going, or just wish that you were. No sense reminding those of you that are going that you are, in fact, driving to another state tomorrow. Pretty sure you're not going to forget that. Or if you live in Charlotte and are especially forgetful, well, hopefully you wrote it down somewhere.

This is actually not a reminder at all. It's an update. Look up above where I wrote "Event Update!" See, I told you. It actually should read: "Late Breaking Emergency Beer Event! Drinkers Needed!" I found out on Thursday that some much anticipated kegs from Colorado are arriving as we speak. That is, if you speak quietly while you are reading. I don't. And I don't speak while I am typing. OK, so not exactly while we speak, but right the hell now. You get the picture. We will be featuring the following beers at The Fred on Wednesday:

  1. A firkin of Left Hand Black Jack Porter
  2. A keg of the Fade To Black Smoked Baltic Porter. I know, you already had that, but so what. It's awesome, and we had one in the cellar anyway.
  3. A keg of Left Hand TNT. This is a Dunkle Weizen Bock made with some Lapsang Souchong tea. I don't drink a lot of tea, but it sure sounds good. Apparently this type of tea has a notable smoky character, albeit a light one. If you need me to explain Dunkle Weizen Bock, I will. Quickly. Bock: A strong and malty German lager. Weizen: A wheat beer. Dunkle: Dark (as opposed to "Helles" or light). Put 'em all together. Got it? Germans pretty much tell you what you are getting up front. 
  4. A keg of Left Hand Stranger Pale Ale. This is a new recipe replacing their old Jackman's Pale Ale. It is going to be super fresh and tasty. When I saw the name I thought it said "Strangler", not "Stranger". Big difference one letter makes. I thought maybe they were trying to tap into the S & M crowd or something. I mean, that is definitely a demographic that most companies stay away from. Freaky leather and latex fetishes or not, people love a cold beer. There is no denying that.  The Stranger, however, is a pale ale. The Strangler, I imagine, is something way different. 
So you can be the first kid on the block to have some TNT and a little Stranger, plus the cask of Black Jack if you can find your way to The Fred on Wednesday. See you there.