Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One You Are Related To; The Other Is A Pile Of Crap

Patty and Selma
So does everybody have their Father's Day plans dialed in? Now trust me on this, as much as taking dad to The Cleremont Lounge and setting him up in the corner with a few PBR's and a stack of ones seems like a good idea when you're drinking, I think you should reconsider. Unless he did something to really piss you off, he probably deserves more than that. Anyone recall the post about the Father's Day event at Deckard's? To recap:
  • There will be tasting stations pouring high-end spirits for you and dad to sample. They will have some really nice whiskey, rum and scotch.
  • Beer tasting stations will be set up too. One of these beers is something that has been in the cellar since 2009, and Deckard's will have THE LAST BOTTLES ON EARTH. No, you will never see this beer again. As far as I know. At least for a long, long time. "Forever" is a big statement. Tell that to the random idiot bothering me last week in a bar. "The Detroit Lions will never win a Super Bowl!" after overhearing someone I was with say that we were from Michigan. Really, guy? Never? OK, this guy was from Wisconsin, and I realize that Green Bay winning the Super Bowl last year was the biggest thing to happen to him since he found that pile of cow poop that looks just like his Aunt Patty. But "forever"? That's a long time. Oh, and I'm not even a Lions fan. But instead of trying to find out anything meaningful about the people whose conversation he had barged into, he just disparaged where we were from, AND the football team that plays there. Real classy. And it is June. Can we take a break from talking about the NFL for a second? If you or someone you know likes to bother strangers in a bar, please stop. Just because someone is in the same place you are does not mean that they want to talk to you. 
  • But dad wants to talk to you! So let's get back to that. The event at Deckard's will also feature live music out on the patio. Fun!
  • Cigars? Sure. Highland Cigar is providing some quality smoke-ables if you and dad are so inclined. No smoking inside though. So if you don't partake, you won't be bothered by the smoke in the building.
  • The grill will be all fired up too. You can munch on brats and ribs and stuff like that.
  • Here are some details you might need: Make reservations at 404-941-3520. This thing goes from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, and it costs $35.00 per person. Cheap! Sample food, taste top-notch hooch, smoke a stogie and get some of that beer before it becomes extinct, plus hear some live music...sounds like a pretty killer afternoon to me.
The only other pieces of notable news are:
  • The Fred bar will be open 7 days a week starting this Monday the 20th. We have a great cask to kick this off. Read an older post if you don't know. Come early to beat the crowd. Call in sick or use a vacation day. Do what you gotta do.
  • Newnan has a cask of dry-hopped French Broad 13 Rebels ESB getting tapped on Wednesday. That sounds good doesn't it? Not every day that you see a French Broad cask....
That's all I have for you right now. For the record, I typically like Wisconsin-ites. They like to drink a ton of beer and wear accessories made of fake cheese. What's wrong with that?