Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Bye. I Will Miss You.

Casino sports book. Lots of old dudes.
No, I am not going away for good. I am saying good-bye to my money. I leave tonight for Las Vegas. Trust me on this one: If you love NFL football and you can't be at the Super Bowl, then Las Vegas is the next best thing. I am having a very hard time deciding who will win the battle of beauty vs. the beast. I mean, Tom Brady is prettier than a lot of women, and Eli Manning looks like the drunken and retarded son of Frankenstein. Gotta go with Brady I think. Plus, his wife just became a billionaire. From modeling. He makes 25 million dollars a year, and he isn't the principal wage earner in the family. If you are pulling in 25 million, and your super-model wife makes more than that, then you qualify as being "The Man". And the 2007 game between these two teams was a fluke, and it cost New England a 19-0 season. And if we know anything about Bill Belichick, it is that he has a vengeful streak, and he isn't afraid to make some pay for pissing him off. So I am thinking Patriots, or just not even trying to bet on the game's outcome. You can bet on about 100 other things in this game: So-and-so's rushing yards being over or under a certain number, odds on so-and-so to score the first touchdown, if the first point are a filed goal or not, etc. I am not a big gambler (anymore), but once a year? What the hell. Life is for living.

Here are some notable beer events coming up. Next week is going to be hectic for me, so you might not hear from me for a little while. I am back to work on Tuesday, then off to Europe on Friday. That Friday, February 10th there is a cask of Heavy Seas Black Cannon at Lindbergh. If you like black IPA's, that is one of the best. Then on Saturday the 11th we are releasing the new Red Hare Imperial Red IPA at The Fred Bar at 5:00 pm. The guys from the brewery will be showing up around 7:00-ish, and they are great. This will be the first place to taste this new, 8% ABV beer, unless you are at the brewery earlier that day.

That's all for now. My flight is in a few hours. Pray for me. Thank you.