Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Allagash Beer & Cheeeeeeeeeese Pairing

Before you make any New Years Resolutions- put some thought into the event coming up at our Southpark location in Charlotte, North Carolina on January 16th. We know you're pretty broke from the recent holiday festivities, but at $25 we are practically giving this event away, so you will not want to be the one that didn't take advantage. We will have someone on hand from Allagash to talk about the pairings too. Click the button below to purchase your tickets. And I wouldn't wait too long....these tickets won't be around for much longer...!

  • Goat Cheese paired with Allagash White
  • Brie paired with Allagash Dubbel
  • Cheddar paired with Allagash Tripel
  • Blue Cheese paired with Allagash Black
  • Roquefort Cheese paired with Allagash Curieux
  • Gouda paired with Allagash Four
  • Limburger paired with Allagash Interlude

And here is a little comedic relief for you. Enjoy!
I got out.