Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Hello readers. I am not going to take too much of your time today. Just a reminder about the Moylan's beers we are going to be drinking at Windward tomorrow. We will be pouring Hopsicle, Kilt Lifter and Tipperary Pale Ale. You can also meet a guy named Ken. He distributes this beer, along with a bunch of other tasty stuff. I am going to try to get him a little tipsy and maybe he will tell us about some other brands he is trying to bring into our market. He is usually pretty tight-lipped about these things. But, more than alcohol, he can probably be plied with eager customers who are dying to know about upcoming releases. Like children on Christmas morning, expectant beer lovers are so full of joy and wonder at the prospect of new discoveries. They're so cute at that age. The only thing that makes them happier than dreaming about foamy glasses of beer not yet tasted is finally tearing the caps off, like so much wrapping paper and bows, and tasting new horizons of hops and barley. How could Ken resist those faces? How could he not put those presents under their mental trees? He's only human. For god's sake Ken, have a heart! Tell us about new beers. We don't care if we can't drink them yet. We want to think about drinking them. We want to imagine frolicking in endless sun-bathed meadows, swigging from enormous, bottomless mugs of frothy beer. Picture hearty, two-fisted gulps, staring lovingly into your beer until butterflies and woodland animals gather around, and the violin music reaches a crescendo, and you and your beer twirl around and collapse in one everlasting embrace! Oh, these are the dreams of the beer drinkers, Ken. Give 'em something to work with here already.

Dare to dream people. See you tomorrow.