Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wave That Flag. Wave It Wide And High!

The United States haven't felt all that "united" in the last, oh.....my entire lifetime really. We severely need something that we call all get behind. Since I usually have a beer in front of me, I think it is apt to say that "I am behind beer". Simple logic, that's all. So, let's all pull together and, at least while we are drinking beer, put all of that other crap aside.

On that note, this is your reminder about the Ommegang 2009 Inauguration Ale (aka Obama-gang, until the pesky Feds stepped in!) getting tapped tonight at two in-town locations, and tomorrow at two stores up north (equality!). This beer was made at Ommegang in up-state NY, in the same town as the Baseball Hall Of Fame, to honor our commander-in-chief. Roll down the bunting and strike up the band! Somebody kiss a baby! That makes apple pie sound like a bunch of commies. Tonight I will be at Metropolis for happy hour, and then heading over to Decatur around 6:30. Tomorrow I will start at Johns Creek and work my way to Old Milton. But hey, you can start without me. I won't be offended. I will be with some folks who rep the brewery, so if you have questions, well, you've got our schedule. We also have Duvel Green being poured at the same time. In case you didn't know, a Belgian company owns Ommegang. Hey, just like Budweiser! Now that's patriotic. (Those of you who did not know that Belgians own Anheuser-Busch now, please refer to the "newspaper" or the "internet" when you get back to the rock you live under. And while you're there, check out who owns Miller and Coors.) These are small kegs, and not cheap either, so they may or may not live to see tomorrow. I do not know.

I may have to split by 7:30 tonight though. In another bout of chest-beating patriotism, I need to watch a bunch of Canadians, Russians and Eastern Europeans play hockey for a city that has been decimated by foreign competition and corporate greed. Go Red Wings!

If we bump into each other in the next few days, I will tell you about my trip to New Orleans and the Abita Brewing Company last weekend. What a great town. I've never smelled anything like it! No, seriously, it is a great place. If you like trouble, and lots of it. If the word "behaves" is used to describe you-ever-then stay away from New Orleans. If you never, ever, like a red, white and blue swaddled Toys R' Us kid, want to grow up, then New Orleans is the place for you. Decadence. It's the American way.