Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ahoy, Bon Voyage, & Warp Speed Mr. Sulu!

Last night we hosted a get together of brewery people and beer luminaries at our Lindbergh Center store. Everyone is in town for the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting which is supposed to be being held at 5 Seasons Prado from 4-7 today. We are waiting to hear if the weather will postpone this until tomorrow. Either way this is one of the most anticipated beer events of the year, and we are very happy to have it next door to our newest store. There is sure to be plenty of pre- and post-game partying at Taco Mac and The Fred. Katy has The Fred stocked with some great beers this week:
Einbecker Winter Bock, Hitachino Ginger and a barrel-aged He'Brew Lenny's RIPA just to name a few of the drafts off the top of my head. The forecast for today: hazy. Everything should be very hazy by around 8 pm....and I ain't talkin' about the weather here people! Just kidding. I support responsible drinking. I don't practice responsible drinking, but I support it when other people do. Good job, guy. Real proud of ya.

So we had a cask last night at Lindbergh of Heavy Seas Peg Leg Stout with oak chips, dry hopped with locally grown Maryland hops. It was delicious. I really like this beer anyway, but the wood and dry hops went great with the creamy finish the cask service gave the beer. Heavy Seas owner Hugh Sissons was there, and he acted like he didn't have anything to do with making sure that this exceptional cask was there along with him. Great guy, and it sounds like we should start seeing a lot more specialty beers coming from his Baltimore brewery this year.

Next Friday for you snoozers who missed the Rogue Mogul Madness cask a few weeks ago, we have another one at Metropolis. These casks were dry hopped with Amarillo hops, and they are delicious. We will be getting into it at 6 pm.

"But I don't live near Metropolis, Fred, and I love cask ales!" Yes, I feel your pain. And as promised, we are bringing the cask beer to you. In fact, this February firkins will boldly where no firkins have gone before. As promised we will have cask events to celebrate a two-year anniversary in Cumming (2/24) and one-year anniversary in Canton (2/26). We will also be taking one to Peachtree City for no particular reason other than it is about damn time we did. That date is TBD. There will be a 4th one going to Metropolis as well. I know. But it is their "thing", so settle down east side folks, your turn is coming. These casks for the February events are from our friends at Sweetwater, and they are an IPA dry-hopped with Centennial hops. Don't know what that means? Well it goes like this: Cascade hops are the quintessential American ale hop. Ever had Sierra Nevada Pale Ale? Cascade hops. Lots of them. Some genius made a super-charged Cascade hybrid, and voila, Centennial hops were born. Ever had Bell's Two Hearted? All Centennial. So imagine a Sweetwater IPA, extra hopped up with big, citrusy Centennial hops and served all smooth and velvety out of a cask, and...... Hey, did you just wet your pants? You know who you are! I can't see you, but I know that was a little too much stimulation for some of you. I am excited too, but please remain seated and take a deep breath. It isn't until February anyway. For those folks who feel jilted that these casks are not coming to your area, don't worry. I have four more firkins that are being filled with various things by Stone. OH GOD! THERE YOU GO AGAIN! Oh, you pissed all over the rug! OUT! Outside! BAD BEER GEEK! Bad! I never should have told them about the Stone casks. It was too soon. They weren't ready. Look at them out in the yard running around in circles, air-humping.

So that covers the Ahoy and the Warp Speed Mr. Sulu. The "Bon Voyage" is for my friend Bob who is moving to California on Monday. He is a great friend and one of the single coolest people I have ever known. We'll miss you, Bob. Stay off of those high fences. It isn't the fall that gets you, it's the landing that hurts.

I gotta go. Sounds like the ACAT is on after all. That beer isn't going to drink itself.