Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick Or Treat? That's An Easy Question.

Here are some beer events to keep you occupied while I am away. It's Halloween weekend, and the kids get to go nuts gobbling down more candy in a couple days than they are usually allowed to eat in a year. So why should the kids have all of the fun? I mean, what do they really contribute to society anyway? You're the one that brings home the paychecks and picks up all of their stuff. You drive them around everywhere and help them with their homework; hell, you paid for the damn costumes AND the candy for the rest of neighborhood kids.

So go ahead and treat yourself. There's nothing tricky about good beer: Open mouth, tip glass, swallow beer. No tricks, just treats. Here you go:

  1. Tomorrow (Friday the 29th) Prado has a firkin of Rogue Brutal Bitter. Such a great beer. They also have this year's Ommegang Adoration to tap. This was in pretty short supply last year, so if you missed it in '09, get it together please. People are counting on you.
  2. Tomorrow (I am not telling you tomorrow's date again) is the Newnan store's five-year anniversary. They have all kinds of crazy beers to tap: Founders Harvest Ale, Great Divide Smoked Baltic Porter, Left Hand/Terrapin Oxymoron, French Broad Zeptember and Rogue Shakespeare (cask) to name a few (OK, most). There are also some SweetWater Festive '09 liter bottles for sale. Coooool.
  3. There is a firkin of Lagunitas Wet Hop Pale at Deckard's for the 29th as well. It was hopped with Amarillo & Simcoe. For those of you not paying attention, the 29th is tomorrow. 
  4. Thursday the 4th of November is The Prado's one-year anniversary. They will be pouring some '09 Allagash Curieux, '09 Avery Hog Heaven and '09 Corsendonk Christmas. Can you dig it? I thought so.
  5. Friday the 5th is The Fred's one-year anniversary. What can I say? Jason is going to bust out some gems that will be bordering on ridiculous. I am not going to go into detail about everything. If you are not aware of the caliber of beer selection there by now, well then welcome to planet Earth. Where have you been? Not to mention, all of these beers are in limited quantity, so if you like to drink amazing beer with like-minded people, you'll want to be there. I will be there for a few hours for sure. ETA is up in the air at this point.
  6. Also on Friday the 5th there is a cask-conditioned keg of Abita Vanilla Turbo Dog at Metropolis. Dark beer with vanilla? Sounds pretty Halloween-y to me. People have been raving about this beer since it arrived last week. Scott from Abita will be there with some give-away stuff. You should meet Scott, he's a great guy.
That is all for now. Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks also to all of those who turned out for the beer & cheese pairing Tuesday and the beer dinner last night. Two great events this week already. Bye.