Monday, May 9, 2011

St. Martin Beer Dinner

On Tuesday, June 7th at The Fred Bar we have a very special beer dinner planned. You can now sign up at Click on "Events and Communications" to guessed it, events, which this clearly qualifies as. What is so special about it? Well for one, St. Martin beers are great, and not exactly common. But we will have the brew master, Marc-Antoine de Mees, here from Belgium. I know, that is really cool! When was the last time you got to listen to an expert on Belgian brewing--one who actually brews beer IN Belgium--talk about beer? How many of you answered, "Never"? That's what I thought. So get your act together and buy your tickets now. This thing will sell out, especially once the word gets outside of our normal circle of special event attendees. I don't want any of you valued readers to miss out because some stranger got the jump on you. Only 40 seats will be sold, which is about all The Fred bar can comfortably hold for an event like this. The menu is posted on the Taco Mac web site (I already gave you as link and told you where to find it). Take a peek.

I am off to Charlotte to get the new store open, so if you don't hear from me for a while, you know why. Have a great week.