Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Tried To Say No To Beer, But It Just Wouldn't Listen

It may sound like a cruel joke, especially to some of the folks up north during this crazy heat wave, but it is just about to be Oktoberfest time. No, really. Oktoberfest beers will be arriving any day now. Prove it? OK, how about tomorrow. At all metro Atlanta Taco Mac locations. How did we get this beer so soon? It was made in Atlanta, by Red Brick, that's how. I just got a sneak peek, and it tastes great. I dig the slogan, "This Year It's, OK-TO-BEER" for their Okto-Beer-Fest. Get it? That's called a "pun". Unfortunately good puns are far less common than awful ones. And I like that it takes the noun "beer" and gives the ambiguity of a noun or a verb. It's OK to beer? Damn right it is. I beered last night, and unless something drastically unexpected happens today, I am going to beer it up again tonight. I say "OK" to beer all the time. If beer was trying to get in my pants, I would be what is referred to as a "slut". I would be the mot reliable booty call beer ever had. I wouldn't even care if beer didn't tell its friends about me. Hey, I 'm getting what I want of this relationship, why complicate things? I know I can't have beer all to myself. I just need to appreciate the time I have with beer and not smother beer. Now for all the rest of you beer sluts out there, here are some additional beer events coming up:

  1. The Fred Bar is doing a big Southern Tier take-over tomorrow night. Here is the line-up: Farmer's Tan, Hop Sun, Jah'va, Mokah, Iniquity, Oaked Unearthly, 2010 Old Man Winter, and a firkin of 2XIPA. This is the 3rd cask of 2XIPA we have had lately, and that beer is awesome. I will be out of town, but you guys should get down there and check it out. You will be really glad that you did, trust me.
  2. Every Wednesday at Red Brick is now something special.  Reward yourself for making it through half of the work week without quitting your job or kidnapping your boss. Go down for a tour and see what special beer/cask/rare something-or-other they are breaking out for you. Careful, you just might learn something about beer while you are there.
  3. There are some more August events at Taco Mac that are in the development stage right now, but I do have a date for you that you should put on your calendar: September 13th. That is the date of our Terrapin beer dinner in Duluth. Lots of special beers are being rounded up for this one. Plus, one lucky attendee will win two passes to the Terrapin Hop Harvest party at the brewery on 9/24. Since we encourage you to be responsible drinkers (...what? Don't laugh...), you will also receive hotel accommodations in Athens, and transportation from the hotel to the brewery and back. Pretty sweet, right? All you need to do is get to Athens. Brewery parties are fun, in case I actually had to tell you that, which I can only hope I did not. If you go to a brewery party that isn't fun, well, maybe it's you. That's gonna be a tough realization for anyone who has to have it. "Wait, this party doesn't suck, I do! Oh no! Mom was right all along!" 
That's all I have for now. I hope you guy have a great weekend. And if you see any beer, tell it to call me.