Friday, September 2, 2011

Sale Of The Century!

Look how happy I am!
Let's begin by reviewing a few events. Not "review" like express opinions about events that have already happened. I mean like "preview" events that I already told you about. We are going to review the preview. Everybody with me? Here we go:
  1. Next Friday the 9th there is a Gypsy Beer take-over at The Fred Bar. Go taste some great beers from brewers without breweries. Crazy, I know. These are some out-of-this-world Mikkeller and Stillwater beers. Please be forewarned, these beers are rare and strong (Translation: Expensive!).
  2. Here is a link to a Facebook event that you should know about. I suppose some of you know what "Facebook event" means. I don't really, but that shouldn't stop you form checking it out. I have no beef with Facebook, it's just that at my age, Facebook is not my #1 method of communication and social interaction. I am not saying anything bad about it, just that it isn't my style. But who cares about that, when that link will tell you more about the Deckard's First Annual Anniversary Sausage Fest! That's right, it's September, and if you aren't thinking about giant mugs of beer and tasty sausages, well, you probably should be. The fest will feature four different types of locally made sausages, and it is all-you-can-eat. That's right, for $15.00, you can keep ordering plate after plate until you feel that you have reach the right level of sausage-intake density. There is no prize for winning, so don't hurt yourself people. And when you think about it, who isn't a winner when there are unlimited amounts of sausages to cram into your face? OK, so the pigs and chickens and cows aren't winners, but if I tasted that good, I'd want people to eat me too. But as I've said before, this isn't Fred's Sausage Page, so we should probably talk about the beer. Terrapin a firkin (very rare). Bell's Oktoberfest (rare). Spaten and Ayinger Oktoberfests (two true Bavarian breweries I visited in February--awesome), and many other Oktoberfest beers to choose from. Giant mugs. Live band. What more do you want? Sorry, the beer is not all-you-can-drink because, frankly, people have a hard enough time controlling their alcohol as it is, so why encourage them to be dumber than they already are. Not you. No, clearly based on your choice of internet-based reading material, you are of a superior intellect. Did I mention that all-you-can-drink events are also illegal? Yep, and for a reason. People have to be protected from themselves. If you are still reading, this is where I tell you that the Sausage Fest is Saturday, September 17th in the afternoon. Clear your calendars people. This is going to be cool.
Did I mention giant mugs of beer yet? In case you forgot "Boot Mania 2010" or even last year's installment, "Boot Mania II", that is where you could get a one-liter glass boot filled with Warsteiner beers. And you got to keep the boot. Was it a popular program? It isn't called Boot Mania for nothin'. This year, though, we switched it up a bit. This year we have one-liter dimple mugs, just like the ones they use in Bavaria for Oktoberfest. These, however, can be bought filled with our September beers of the month from Sierra Nevada. OK, so not "traditional" beers for Oktoberfest, but who cares? Trust me, the liter of Torpedo I had yesterday tasted about as good as any beer possibly could have tasted. Here is the kicker: These are available for $16.00--filled with beer ($17.00 at Philips Arena)! These mugs are going for $34.98 on e-Bay (with a Hofbrau Haus logo), and $24.95 on, and there is no logo on 'em! These have a sweet Sierra Nevada logo on them that looks great. Last night (September 1st) we went through about 1/3 of the nearly 4000 of these we have. Want a giant Sierra mug full of beer? The you better act now folks, because these are bad ass and going fast.

If you are wondering why these are so cheap, it's because we're crazy, and we love our customers.

Have a great weekend everyone.

PS--If you are upset about the September beer dinner selling out, keep Wednesday, October 13th open. I have something for you that is going to cause a stampede.