Friday, January 13, 2012

Dale Comes In Off The Bench

Alicia and the herbed Loose Cannon
I forgot to remind you that we have a last-minute substitution for tonight's cask at Lindbergh. Last week we did Heavy Seas Peg Leg because the Loose Cannon we had scheduled for that day was actually not ours. It was a special cask that the owner of a different bar had helped make while he was at Heavy Seas with me. So we let him have it back, and tapped this week's cask instead. So for tonight, we are tapping next week's cask, which is a dry-hopped Dale's Pale Ale. It should be great. Tap goes in at 6:00 pm. I will be there, if that matters to you at all. It shouldn't. I don't make the beer taste any better or worse.

The rest of the run looks like this: Bell's Double Cream Stout (yes, a firkin of that!) next week, Heavy Seas Below Decks Barley Wine the week after (1/27). If you were wondering how the distributor is going to make it up to us for delivering the wrong cask, then taking it back, I will tell you: A firkin of Bell's Hopslam. Yep. I will let you know when we plan on getting into that. It may go before the Below Decks, but I want to see it before I make any solid commitments to you folks. Expect a stampede of beer lovers when we tap the Hopslam.

That's all I have for you right now. Have a great weekend. Unless you are Tim Tebow. If you are Tim Tebow, I hope you get broken in half tomorrow night. I am sick of seeing you on every TV, everywhere I go. I swear to god that guy was on The Price Is Right this morning. He's everywhere! (And he was not even close to winning the Showcase Showdown round, but somehow...he pulled it off! Won the whole damn thing.) C'mon Patriots, send this guy into the off-season before I smash a television set.

PS--If you missed the Heavy Seas Herbed Loose Cannon cask on Wednesday, I feel bad for you. It was delicious, and trust me, I am my own worst critic. If the one I helped make sucked, I would have said so, but this one was killer. Sucks to be you if you had something more important to do that night. Now go cry yourself to sleep.