Monday, January 23, 2012

Who Wants To Be A Winner?

You can be a winner, and victory is close at hand...a Victory beer dinner that is. You can look at the menu below, and if you are interested in coming, go to Click on the "Events" link, and from there it is pretty self-explanatory. There is a tiny little link that says "View The Menu", so if you want to do that, go for it. But seriously, it is right down there under this paragraph. More importantly, on the web site there will be a link to Pay Pal to pay for the event. If you do that, I strongly suggest that you use the comment function if you want to specify who you sit with if they are paying separately. This event will sell out, and we seat people according to group size and all kinds of factors. If there are 42 people at this event at 7 tables of 6 seats each, and there are groups of 4, 3, 2 and even 1, we need to seat them in order to seat 42 people at exactly 42 seats. We are happy to accommodate your requests for seating, but it is a mess if we wait until everyone shows up to do that. So please use that handy little function, and we will put you with all of your buddies. If you pay together, then duh, I will seat you all together. No need to tell me that the 4 people paid for by Captain D. Obvious, for example, want to sit together. I knew that already, thanks.

Herb roasted hen and Fontina toasts
Prima Pilsner--
Heaps of hops give this pale lager a bracing, herbal bite over layers of soft and smooth malt flavor. This refreshing combination makes Prima a classy quencher in the tradition of the great pilsners of Europe.

First Course
Winter greens salad with persimmons, crab,
and lemon vinaigrette
Golden Monkey--
Strong and sensual, this golden, Belgian-style ale glows. The richness of German malts and Belgian yeast are tempered by a sparkling approach and light body, with abundant herbal, fruity notes.

Second Course
Ancho chili rubbed duck breast with candied
citrus sweet potato puree
Hop Wallop--
Celebrating the pioneering spirit of old Horace ‘Hop’ Wallop and those who dare mighty, adventurous things, this is a vivid, robust ale.  A homage to the hop harvest, expect loads of aromatic splendor and bitter beauty.

Balsamic braised  bavette of beef, roasted root vegetables,
stone ground cheese grits
Yakima Glory--
This heavyweight battle between fresh, Yakima Valley hops and dark, roasted malts is resolved harmoniously as the flavors merge to deliver complex satisfaction with a warming edge.

Chocolate stout cake with coffee creme anglaise
Storm King--
With a huge, Pacific Northwest hop aroma and character upfront, Storm King Stout subsides into massive, roast malt complexity. Rich and substantial, this beer will warm your heart.

The dinner is 6:30 pm at the Cumming Taco Mac location. We begin with a casual reception beer and passed hors d' oeuvres, so if you are running late, don't freak out. Dinner is sat at 7:00 pm, so if you get there at 6:50 pm let's say, you are fine.

The other important things that I have for you today involve some fun casks that are waiting to be drank. We have a Heavy Seas Winter Storm at the South Park store in Charlotte this Wednesday. Friday we have a Bell's Double Cream Stout at Lindbergh. This is a first, so if you like great stouts, rare Brewniversity credits or BOTH, you are in luck. I will not be there though, because I will be getting into a cask of Chattanooga Brewing Co.'s Hill City Stout in Chattanooga. Yes, I am going to be in Charlotte and Chattanooga this week, so you may not hear from me the rest of the week.

This Saturday is the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting. If you have tickets, I will see you there. If you don't have ACAT tickets, then you are SOL. It is sold out. Get ready for next year, because it is always the Saturday before the Super Bowl every year. Bu you can still get tickets for the Brew Your Cask Off event at SweetWater on March 10th. In case you haven't been to that before, it is quite an experience.

Alright folks. That is about all the time I have for today. Have a great week, and get out there and drink some damn beer.