Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Six-Pack" Just Has A Nice Ring To It

OK folks, here is some important info that you may want to know. Our policy with Brewniversity credits has always been that you are only allowed six beers per visit. The computer literally can not track any more beers after you have had six, regardless of any attempts to override that function. Why is this an issue now? Two reasons. First, some folks have missed some valuable credits by not understanding fully how the computer system works. Nobody wants to lose credits, especially from some events with credits that will most likely never be seen again. That sucks, and we don't want the Brewniversity to suck. For anyone. Secondly, in light of some recent high-profile automobile accidents, I feel like it is a good time to remind everyone why we have that six beer policy in place. Drinking and driving is never a good idea, and bars and restaurants have a responsibility to the community to help people make the right decisions, even when they don't want to. Now of course people can argue all day that we don't have a computerized limit on wine or spirits consumption, and that is true. Wine and spirits is not what we are know for, and therefore we do not need computer intervention to keep track of those customers. There just are not that many of them.

I really wish I had some funny story for you or something like that, but I don't right now. It was a pretty sedate weekend, and this week is looking like all work and not much play for Fred. But don't worry, next week I am headed to Chico, CA for Sierra Nevada Beer Camp. Now that's my kind of camping. Talk to you soon.