Thursday, September 27, 2012

Listen Here, Pluckers.....

Alright, here is where I need your help. ESPN apparently has this on-line vote for the best sports bar in America. Currently Taco Mac is # 2 behind some place called Pluckers out of Texas & Louisiana. Now I have nothing against the fine people at Pluckers, but I am not happy being # 2 behind some place that rhymes with a word I frequently use in conjunction with "mother". I understand that Taco Mac means many things to many people, and that generally you are beer people first, sports probably second, maybe third. Either way, you need to stand up and be heard as beer people first and foremost. This Pluckers place doesn't mention beer anywhere on their web site, and there isn't even a picture of a beer anywhere. This says to me, "Fred, we only sell shitty beer at Pluckers, and everybody is happy as can be about it." How, I ask you, can that place be that awesome, compared to a place with 100 beers on tap? Ssssh. Stop thinking. It can't, and it isn't. So click on this link and vote for Taco Mac, and let the world know that watching sports does have to compromise your taste in beer. "The Best" sports bar knows that, and this is why we need your vote. Die, Pluckers, die.

Just follow the instructions below. It shouldn't take more that about two minutes. The contest is getting near the finish, so trust me, your vote counts!

  • Place ESPN.GO in your search browser
  • Once on the mobile site,, scroll down the page to the What's Hot Section
  • Click on the North America's Best Sports Bar Contest, which is the first box in the What's Hot Section
  • Taco Mac is in Group C - click on Vote for Group C
  • Vote for Taco Mac !
I have to split for Charlotte for a few days, but first you need to know about a beer event this weekend. At The Fred Bar on Saturday we are helping to launch Lone Rider beers in GA. This is a NC brewery that we are familiar with based on our locations up there. Not only is the beer great, the people are too. Say hi to Zack and ask all kinds of questions about his beers. That is his job. There will be three drafts to try, and we will get into them at 6:00 pm. By "we" I mean you and the rest of the people there. I will be in Charlotte, but I just told you that. Bye.