Friday, September 28, 2012

Corrections and Clarifications!

First of all, legal issues have caused the Lone Rider beers to not be approved in GA yet, so we will NOT be doing any launch tomorrow at Prado. Please tell everyone you know NOT to expect to drink those beers tomorrow. Sorry. Damn government.

OK, so apparently the link I gave you yesterday to vote on the country's best sport bar was missing a critical piece. Just use this info, and you will be good to go:

Calling all Taco Mac Fans! We need your help!

Taco Mac has been named one of the top 12 sports bars in North America, and now we need YOUR help to get to #1! Please help us get to the #1 spot by voting for us! Simply FOLLOW THIS LINK and vote for TACO MAC!

As an incentive, we will be offering a special free Brewniversity credit in stores, if we win the contest. (More details to follow- after we win!)

You can vote as often as you like.  There are four groups, with three sports bars in each group.  Taco Mac is in Group C and competing against a sports bar in Austin, Texas and San Diego, California.  The winner from each group moves on to the Final Four.  If each Brewniversity member voted at least once, we would show the power of your voice to the nation!

Please take a moment and vote a few times!  Voting closes on Tuesday, October 1.  

Thank You for your support!