Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's Getting Hot, Hot, Hot!

Attention Beer Lovers:

The Fred Bar is temporarily closed for minor maintenance until some time early next week. We are not sure how long this project will take, so unfortunately the annual anniversary event scheduled for Tuesday has been postponed. Yes, that's right, postponed, NOT canceled. We have all of this great beer lined up for everyone, so we will not be cancelling this event. Stay tuned for all of the details.

So what kind of maintenance would cause The Fred to be closed for nearly a week? Inquiring minds want to know I am sure, and I for one can't keep a secret. Are you ready? Swedish bath house. Yep. Now when you come in, just take off all of your clothes and wrap yourself in a luxurious towel. Inhale the refreshing aromas of eucalyptus steaming on the lava rocks in the sauna. Get a cold, dark, 10% alcohol beer and recline on the wood benches with other sweaty half-naked beer lovers. One beer after another, trying not to pass out from the extreme temperature, high humidity and looming drunkenness, until your towel slides to the floor. But no one cares, we're drinking beer in a Swedish bath house, and we don't have a care in the world... Presidential politics got you down? Hot, steamy beer-drinking time! Can't seem to find a job? Naked sweaty cask night at The Fred Bar! Hey is that a beer bottle under your towel, or do you just love bath house beer drinking... a lot. Rhetorical question. Now go away weirdo, and take that towel with you when you leave. Who invited that guy? Totally inappropriate! I might need to rethink this idea. Everybody get dressed!

So now we all have that to look forward to. Have a great weekend, and sorry about The Fred Bar closure. More details will be read here first, as they arise. Thanks.