Saturday, November 24, 2012

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Time

Jester King Farmhouse Brewery outside of Austin, TX. Way outside.
Hey there everyone. Sorry for the long absence. I had a trip to Texas that included visits to a distillery (Tito's Vodka), Shiner, Jester King, Blue Star and Freetail breweries, plus some well-known beer bars along the way. I must say that there is great deal of quality beer being made in Texas in some unexpected places. This was my first trip to Austin and San Antonio, and both were very enjoyable places I will return to someday.

But now it is a holiday weekend, and with that the constant rushing around that masquerades as "relaxing". I can't recall many holiday weekends where I did not need a few days off to recover from being off for a few days and running all over the place the entire time. But that won't distract me from the task at hand, which is to let you all know about the "12 Casks Of Christmas". Here is a brief synopsis:

Below is the list of dates, times and ingredient additions for all of the O’Dempsey’s Inukshuk firkins for the “12 Casks of Christmas Program”. The program consists of, simply enough, a different cask of O’Dempsey’s Inukshuk IPA treated with different ingredients each time, poured at different stores over a twelve day period. Every cask is a new and different Brewniversity credit, never to be seen again.

If you attend all of these events, you will get an O’Dempsey’s t-shirt and an opportunity to design your own O’Dempsey’s cask to be tapped at a later date at your home Taco Mac location. Attendance will be verified by their Brewniversity list’s credits. When the whole thing is over, if you have been to every event and drank each different beer, you need to e-mail me at with the subject line "O'Demsey's 12 Casks".

Please notice that the Saturday and Sunday tap times are in the afternoon to coincide with football season business.

  1. Wed. 12/12 Cumming 6:00 pm--Buddha's Hand fruit with Newport hops
  2. Thurs. 12/13 The Fred Bar 6:00 pm--Buddha's Hand fruit with Crystal hops
  3. Fri. 12/14 East Roswell 6:00 pm--Pure almond extract with Crystal hops
  4. Sat. 12/15 Metropolis 1:00 pm--Apricot with Sterling hops
  5. Sun. 12/16 Decatur 1:00 pm--White Cherries with Sterling hops
  6. Mon. 12/17 Kennesaw 6:00 pm--Guajillo peppers with Perle hops
  7. Tues. 12/18 Prado 6:00 pm--Pink Grapefruit zest with Perle hops
  8. Wed. 12/19 Crabapple 6:00 pm--Pink Grapefruit zest with Amarillo hops
  9. Thurs. 12/20 The Fred Bar 6:00 pm--Lemongrass with Amarillo hops
  10. Fri. 12/21 Peachtree City 6:00 pm--Lemongrass with Centennial hops
  11. Sat. 12/22 Mall of GA 1:00 pm--Pineapple with Cascade hops
  12. Sun. 12/23 Perimeter 1:00 pm--Pure orange extract with Chinook hops

So here is your chance to put your money where your mouth is finally. Everyone is always telling me how much they love IPA's, so now I am saying, "So you say you love IPA, huh? How much do you really love IPA's? Show me." Someone asked for more diverse and creative beer events, so here you go. In case you have not taken part in any of the O'Dempsey's cask series before, they make some of the best casks you have ever had, and these will be no exception.

This week there are some great events as well. Like these:

  • Red Hare Double Dry-Hopped IPA cask at The Fred on Tuesday, 6:00 pm.
  • Heavy Seas Winter Storm cask (one of my favorites) in Newnan on Wednesday, 6:00 pm.
  • Then on Friday there is the Michigan beer tap take-over at The Fred. There will be lots of New Holland, Bell's and Founders beers to drink, and there will be a specialty of two from each that you don't see every day. This should be an almost 100% take-over of the taps down there, so it should be pretty impressive. I will be there for sure. Starts at 5:00 when they open.
That's all I have time for right now. I have more relaxing that I need to rush off to do. Bye.