Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bring Out The Gimp!

Alright folks, I neglected to tell you about a couple of important items, and I promise to make it brief. Below is the form you would fill out to volunteer to pour beer at the first ever Secret Stash Bash. This unique beer event has been sold out since the first of the year. The only way in is to volunteer at this point. You will pour beer for half of the event, and then drink for FREE the other half. I believe that only second shift spots are left, which means that you would drink first, pour second. Good opportunity to sober up a little maybe. Anyway, if that sounds like something you want to do, the form is pretty self-explanatory.

Next is a cask event that you might be interested in on Wednesday the 27th (one week from today). We have a cask of SweetWater The Gimp, and we will be tapping it at The Fred Bar around 6:00 pm . It all depends on the schedule of a special guest of honor. Notable brewery people from SweetWater will be there as well. You should be too.

Now fill out the form below if you dig that kind of thing. I am off to Mexico this evening. Bye!