Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cask Series Begins Wednesday!

Sorry for the late reminder everyone, but I was in Minneapolis since Sunday. I won't say anything bad about the weather, because A.) I am from Michigan, and it is cold there too, and B.) It is too damn hot here in the summer, so don't act like the south's weather doesn't have its downside too. But am I glad to be back where the temperature will get above freezing some time during the day? Of course.

So here is the edited and final line-up for the "Winner's Circle Casks" that resulted from the perfect attendance by a small group of dedicated beer drinkers during the "Twelve Casks of Christmas" we did with O'Dempsey's this past December. Each one is different, and therefore a new Brewniversity credit, if you're into that kind of thing. All casks get tapped at 6:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Here goes:

Inukshuk IPA--

Clive Stone-- Wed., March 13th @ Kennesaw (dry hopped w/ Goldings, Fuggle and Northern Brewer)
Andy Massey (blend IPA & RIS)-- Friday, March 15th @ Newnan (Jack Daniels & vanilla beans)
Jan Pierce-- Wednesday, March 20th @ Newnan (pomegranate, champagne grapes and Cascade hops)
Gail-- Thursday, March 21st @ The Fred (Rosemary and Chinook hops)--7:00 pm tap time!

Your Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout--

Gail-- Thursday, April 4th @ The Fred (blueberries)
Terry Eaton-- Friday, April 5th @ Newnan (cocoa nibs and orange extract)
Drew Buehler-- Wed., April 10th @ Duluth (figs, black cardamom, cocoa nibs, Jim Beam, vanilla beans
Jorge Beltran-- Friday, April 12th @ Woodstock (cocoa nibs & guajillo peppers)

OK kids, I gotta take off. It has been a crazy couple of days, coming straight off the Secret Stash Bash and then off to the North Pole. If you missed the SSB this year, try to not make the same mistake next year. This one was great, and I can only assume that we will improve upon it for next year. Tickets will go on sale Monday. Just kidding. They will go on sale around Thanksgiving. Bye.