Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello Baby, I'm Gone, Goodbye!

Hello loyal Fred's blog readers. I am in North Carolina until Saturday for Charlotte Craft Beer Week. Last night we hosted a beer dinner with Terrapin at the South Park location, with none other than Spike from Terrapin in the house. The whole event was spectacular, completely sold out, and probably the best Tuesday night that anyone has spent in a long time. Think about your last, hundred Tuesdays. Any significant memories?

Tonight we had a serious tap takeover with Southern Tier at the Huntersville store. We had flights, vintage dated kegs, dark beer, really dark beer, seasonals, and some hoppy beers to complete the picture. Oh, and there was a 14.1% Bourbon Barrel-Aged Back Burner Barley Wine keg from last year.

Friday night is the big crazy though. At our University City location, there will be a bunch of locally-made specialty beers on tap. Small kegs, limited edition, high-gravity, barrel-aged, get the picture. Many of these beers will be gone Friday night, and most of these Brewniversity credits will be "one night only".

One other upcoming event that you need to know about is the Classic City Brew Fest. This is the 18th year of this festival. Think about that for a minute....The organizers of this event were hosting a beer festival in the middle of the 1990' Georgia. Before the laws changed on "high-grav" beers. Visionary. If you are not familiar with the Classic City Brew Fest yet, then allow me to introduce you:

At least do yourself a favor and look at the link, because this festival has plenty of rare beers, casks, notable attendees, and world-class camaraderie.

Other than all of that, I am going to be home this weekend before heading out first thing Monday morning for the Craft Brewer's Conference in Washington, D.C. The next time I see a sun rise in Atlanta, it will be Monday, April 1st. Can somebody water my plants? Bye!