Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Delaware Triangle

It's Philly, so no, it's not gonna be pretty. But it's good.
Ever wanted to bar hop the best spots in Philadelphia for great local, Belgian and American craft beer bars, long way by any stretch of the imagination. It has an airport. I went to school in Kalamazoo, MI. That is a real place. A wonderful place actually. Home of the legendary Bell's Brewing Co. The have an airport. Delta flies there. My mom lives near Flint, MI, which was recently voted the WORST place to live in the country by some magazine written by a bunch of sissies and elitists. Delta flies there, non-stop, a few times a day. But just try to find a flight on any airline into Delaware. You can't. That's because they don't have an airport. In the whole state. So better yet, fly into Philly, get an all-day, unlimited train pass, a map, and a serious thirst for beer. That's what I am doing on Thursday. If I don't come back, it's because I was trying to find Delaware and this Dogfish Head brewery on Friday. Wish me luck.
but just didn't have the time? Have you dreamed of visiting the brewery at Dogfish Head on the Delaware coast, but were afraid that Delaware didn't actually exist? I mean, who knows anyone from Delaware? It's like South Dakota. If they didn't really exist, who would know? In fact, I might just start a conspiracy when I get back. "Listen guys, I am telling you for real, Delaware doesn't even exist. I swear. I left Pennsylvania in every direction. Nothing." But seriously, try to book a flight into Delaware on Delta. They don't have an airport. Yes. True story. I tried a few different ways, even Dover, the state capital. Again, nothing. Now folks, I am from Michigan. The state capital is Lansing. Not a huge city. It's got a big university nearby, and it's a fair distance from Detroit, but not a

But if this trip sounds like fun, including a stop in Atlantic City, which will be...interesting, then get ready to see some cool photos being posted on Instagram. Above is a picture of Johnny Brenda's I took when I was there in July. Great beer place in Philadelphia, heavily recommended by the people who really know--the locals--and the one time I was there, it was for about 45 minutes. Time for more thorough research this year. By the time I leave for "Delaware", I should have a pretty good handle on the beer scene in the city of Ben Franklin, cheesesteak sandwiches, and Rocky. Until next time. Drink some damn beer already, will ya. Bye!

PS-- Don't pay attention to your spell checking device and use your brain for a change. Cheesesteak is one word in Philly. There is no point where the steak ends and the cheese begins. Just one contiguous amalgamation of deliciousness. Noneedforspaces.