Thursday, September 12, 2013

Atlanta Beer Week Reminder

Well I survived my trip to the mountains of northern Virginia for a music festival. It felt good once I got back to civilization, but I'm not going to lie; four days with no cell phone service was kind of nice. The first day you feel helpless, but after that it's quite liberating. About the only thing I missed was being able to use the internet at a moment's notice to settle disputes, check scores, and answer the questions that come up in everyday conversation. I have never been the most avid camper, but I must say that the fresh air and rustic surroundings treated me quite well. Thankfully there were showers there, or I would be telling you a drastically different story.

I prepped you last week for Atlanta Beer Week by telling you to clear your calendars. I hope you were paying attention. As the entire slew of events come into better focus, I will give you all of the details. But what follows is a primer.

Right now we are looking at doing a Boulevard Trailblazer night at four stores on Monday, October 21st. It will consist of some special beers, special Brewniversity credits, and some information about the history of the brewery. Go look in your fridge and tell me if the beer in there is a from a brewery founded in the 80's. Many of you out there were born in the 80's. Boulevard was helping to create the American craft brewery movement. I'll tell you the exact stores when it gets a little closer. On Tuesday the 22nd we are going to feature a selection of never-seen-around-here-before beers from Boulder Beer. This will also take place at four different stores, and probably one not too far from you. (We are not calling these a "tap take-over" because we have too many taps to accomplish that, and that term is getting a little tired anyway.)

Now I will tell you about Wednesday, October 23rd, and then I am going to stop. The rest of the week is still getting finalized, and your attention span...well, it leaves a little bit to be desired sometimes. I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings, but it hurts my feelings when someone tells me--in the same sentence--that they read my blog "all the time", but did not know about certain special events. There is only one way that adds up: Reads blog + doesn't know about events = short attention span. So did you already forget about the Wednesday ABW event I was going to tell you about? Stay with me people! This is important. We have a guy named Dougal Sharp coming to The Fred Bar. He is the founder, owner and brew master of Innis & Gunn in Scotland. If you are unfamiliar with this brewery, click here. Dougal is going to give us a visual and oral history of Innis & Gunn, highlighting some of the beauty of Scotland and Edinburgh along the way. During that time, you will get to enjoy a glass of Innis & Gunn Original. Once that part is over, Dougal will walk you through a tasting flight of his Rum Barrel, Canadian Cherrywood Barrel, Scottish Porter, and Oloroso Sherry Barrel. That last one is new, and I had a sample bottle of it a few weeks ago that was superb. The event is designed to cater more to the beer drinker in need of a little education. If you are Joe Super-Beer-Nerd, then maybe this isn't for you. But if you love beer and would like an expert to explain the nuances of complex beer flavors, then sign up today. The cost is only $25.00, and if you are familiar with these beers, then you will instantly understand the value of this event. Click here to reserve your spots now. There will only be 50 people admitted to this event. Hope to see you there.

Have a great weekend everyone. Bye.