Friday, September 27, 2013

Big, BIG Beer Event Announcement!

To kick off the October Beer Of The Month with SweetWater, we have cooked up a very special event that will take place on Tuesday, October 1st in Peachtree City. Why is it in Peachtree City? Because those folks down there are overdue for something big, and it was the idea of one of the managers there. So why should you be interested in this event if you don't live on the south side? Here's why: SweetWater opened up their beer stash for us and filled two firkins on top of that. Plus, it is a fundraiser for Camp Twin Lakes in preparation for their annual Spin For Kids bike ride. Here is the line-up:
  • Low RYEder cask (rare)
  • Brown IPA cask (a blend of GA Brown and IPA--first time ever!)
  • Festive '12 bottles (first time)
  • Happy Ending '12 draft  (first time)
  • The Gimp (special Peachtree City Tap Takeover credit--one time only!)
  • Sweet 16 (special Peachtree City Tap Takeover credit--one time only!))
  • Special credit for a pint of Low RYEDer listed as "SweetWater Take Over PTC" (one time only!)
  • The usual suspects: 420, IPA, Blue, Motorboat, etc.
Not enough for you? How about a raffle with all kinds of kick-ass prizes. Like what? Man, you ask a lot of questions. Like this kind of stuff: Two tickets to an upcoming beer dinner in PTC, a pair of tickets to "Crank It Up" (a SweetWater event), a giant 420 road sign, a SweetWater jacket, a Julio Jones signed football, a Spin For Kids jersey, and a free Spin For Kids registration.  Raffle tickets are $5.00 and you get a Brewniversity credit when you purchase one. You can also get five tickets for $20.00 and save $5.00.

Still not impressed? What if I told you that SweetWater Brew Master Nick Nock and other brewery notables will be on site too? I'll be there of course, but I think you pretty much could have figured out that on your own. Hope to see you there!

PS-- Anyone want to guess what time it starts? Let's just say that if you show up at 4:25 pm it will have already started. But we will go for a few hours, so just stop in when you can. Raffles will be at 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 pm.

On another note, I survived the trip to Colorado and the goings-on at Red Rocks. Here is where my seats were every night. Not too shabby. And the beer was good too!

Pretty much as soon as I got back from Colorado I headed to Charlotte for business. Today was the groundbreaking for the new Olde Mecklenburg Brewing Co. site. Those guys are great, and they make terrific, authentic German-style beers, which I love. Tomorrow is the big Charlotte Oktoberfest, and then, hopefully...some much needed rest. My birthday is right around the corner, but you still have a few more shopping days left. I like foamy, hoppy liquids, preferably in a refrigerated format. Other than that, I am not too picky. 

Have a great weekend everyone. Hope to see you on Tuesday. Bye!