Friday, July 24, 2009

"I'm Not Dead Yet!"

First of all, this is your reminder about the release of the Reunion Beer '09 By Terrapin at all of my 22 GA Taco Mac stores. I just sampled the beer, and it is delicious. Remember, double-white style. In the dark about this beer? Read last weekend's post. I will be at Lindbergh tonight for a little kick-off party, then I am headed back to my neighborhood for a going away party. My friend Lindsay is going to join her husband in Korea. This girl loves good beer (Terrapin mostly), but I guess she loves her soldier husband more. Anybody know if there is any decent beer in Korea, or available on a military base? You would think that you could at least get a Sam Adams on a military base. God I hope so. This girl gets cranky and nobody is happy.

There are also two notable resurrections of sorts. Ron Burgundy is not dead yet. Sweetwater had been aging a big bourbon barrel of the stuff since March. We had 2 big and 2 little kegs. The first one got tapped at Lindbergh for the Big Picnic beer dinner on Tuesday (both were awesome). There should be a little left if I had to guess. Please call first. The second one, a small keg, got tapped yesterday at Suwanee. They killed it in 1 night. Probably a few hangovers up in Gwinnett today. Decatur is tapping a big one a week from today, Friday 7/31. The last keg, a small one, before Ron Burgundy finally croaks, is going to be in Austell. Date is TBD. Might even be a mid-week thing.

The other beer that has been resurrected is.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......SIERRA NEVADA HOP SECRET 393!. Apparently the head brewer, there since the beginning in the 80's, loved this beer the first time around. How much did he love it? Enough to re-brew it in order to enter it in the Great American Beer Festival in Denver this year. They feel that it has a strong chance of bringing home some gold. I have been told that we will be getting 8, maybe 15 kegs. For those of you in the know, this is very exciting news. For those unaware of the momentousness of this news, please read some old blog postings about Beer Camp, and the beer tour that took Atlanta by storm last winter and spring. Here we come again.

That is it for now. Stay tuned as this develops. Enjoy a beer-filled weekend, and taste the Reunion when you get a chance. Do yourself a favor, and please don't put any fruit in this beer. Enjoy.