Thursday, July 30, 2009

May The Schwartz Be With You!

Yes, I do think that Mel Brooks is a comic genius. History Of The World Part I? Classic. How long do we have to wait for PartII? Blazing Saddles? Top 5 all-time funniest movies. Spaceballs may not be his best effort, but it is still funnier than every season of Friends combined. We're not here to talk about how schmaltzy that whole load of drivel was, but....

We are here to discuss how the Schmaltz will be with me next week. Namely, on Monday the 3rd of August, Jeremy Cowan, president and brew master of The Schmaltz Brewing Co. will be in town. We are going to be at Perimeter at 5 pm, then heading to Metropolis for a 7 pm arrival. We will travelling with Darren, our local Schmaltz rep (great guy), and the MC and "Human Blockhead" performer from the REAL Coney Island Freak Show. His name is, are you ready.......Donny Vomit. Priceless. That's him in the photo with a nail in his nose. Now, before you get too worked up, I want to tell you that Donny Vomit The Human Blockhead will not be putting anything in his face besides beer at Taco Mac. He does have some appearances in Atlanta to showcase his talents, and you can find out from him where those are. I, personally, am going to attend one near my house next week. So, if you want to meet some beer people, ogle a freak, or maybe say "hi" to me, Monday is the day, Perimeter and Metropolis are the locales.

The fall travel season is about to start heating up. I am headed to Florida tonight to hang out with some friends for the weekend. I am going get my new camera out of the box and learn how to use it. I want to show you folks some great photos of the breweries and beer events I am going to be at coming up this year. I have 8 days of breweries in N. California again this year, GABF to cheer on the Hop Secret 393, New Belgium Brewing Co. in Colorado, and a huge Terrapin party 8/22. That is just August and September. More to come.

Tomorrow all eyes are on Decatur. The Ron W. Burgundy makes its second to last appearance, ever. The "W." stands for whiskey. This keg is from the bourbon barrel that Sweetwater aged some Ron in since March. After this one is gone, there is one little keg left in Austell. Tap date on that is TBD. If you appreciate bourbon, and love how it can contribute to the flavor of a strong, mellow ale, Decatur is the place to be tomorrow. Why am I, along with my group of seasoned veteran beer drinkers going south? Well, I wanted you guys to get some, so I figured it would be best to get these guys away from that keg.

So, I am out of here for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and if you get a chance to enjoy a Ron W., do it a favor and take your time. The flavors do interesting things at each stage of the glass. If lingering over a beer is not your thing, go ahead and slam a couple. I'm not your mother. Just make sure that you have safe transportation. This sucker means business. The police don't care if you think the schwartz is with you or not. You're going to jail Lone Starr.

P.S. I want to give a shout out to our newest Grand Poobah memebers, Michelle Davis and Terry Becker. If anyone needs to find these people, I have a pretty good idea where they hang out. Thanks guys. You worked hard, but your liver worked harder. It probably needs a beer right about now, and god knows it can't get one on its own.