Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Grief! That's A Lot Of Beer Events!

Don't forget about this week's events. It is going to be a busy one. We have our internal contest tomorrow to see who gets to participate in the Guinness Perfect Pour Contest being held next month. How do we decide which two of our 100+ bartenders gets to contend for the prize? They pour a bunch of Guinness drafts, that's how. And then somebody has to drink them. Rough life, I know. Sorry, but this is closed to the public. More on the GPPC coming soon.

You can get into Deckard's on Wednesday though. Read my post from last week for details. Basically there is going to be a ridiculously good cask of Heavy Seas Siren Noire Chocolate Imperial Stout and a keg of the new Black Cannon. More delicious Heavy Seas beers and $6 apps expertly paired with the beers will complete the picture. I will be there for sure. Everything starts at 6:00pm. See you then.

On Thursday we have the Port & Lost Abbey event that was rescheduled from the ice disaster last week. The owner and brew master, along with a slew of his beers, will be at Kennesaw Taco Mac at 7:00 pm. Some of their incredible beers will be available at 5:00, but the dude won't be there until 7:00, and the top-secret bottled beers we have won't be available until then. These are very limited and expensive. There, now you've been warned. Count on me being there.

Woodstock is unveiling their new draft wall on Friday until further notice. This store had installed like 54 new lines, so if you live near there, life just about 54 times sweeter. I will be there as well. Told you I was going to be busy. If anything changes, you will be notified as soon as I am.

Sorry for the lame picture. I took my new Flip Cam to the Falcons game on Saturday, but you don't want to relive that debacle. Unless you are a Packers fan, and in that case, congratulations. You have a really good team, and I can't say a bad thing about you as far as fans go. Generally a good bunch of people. But then again, their team won, so they were in a good mood.

That's all I have time for now. Have a great week, and get out there and drink some beer. I know I will.