Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OK, Mother Nature, You Are Really Starting To Piss Me Off Now

In case you were not inconvenienced enough by the "ice situation" we are experiencing here in the southeast, get this: Now we have to postpone the Port Brewing/Lost Abbey release at Kennesaw scheduled for tomorrow! See? You see what I am saying? This weather has crossed the line now. You want to cripple the whole city? Fine. Whatever, I can work from home. I know how to cook. But when you mess up my beer events, you've gone too far.

So why did we have to postpone it? Something about trucks not being able to get here, flights being delayed and cancelled...that kind of crap. Oh well, I guess we'll shoot for next Thursday. Stay tuned.

PS--Do you realize that one integral part of our society that goes largely unnoticed has been especially hurt by this weather situation? Beer trucks. That's right, no beer trucks have been able to run all week. So every beer you drink from now until everything thaws out is bringing us closer and closer to THE END OF THE BEER SUPPLY AS WE KNOW IT! This is real people. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Coolers are looking thinner and thinner, kegs are running out without replacements. What if another front comes through and does this again next week? What then? Truly, what then? You think this whole mess sucks right now, try it without any beer in sight. Frightening. Be careful out there, and if you see someone delivering beer, give him a hug.