Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Want to take advantage of a sampling opportunity tomorrow night? A guy I know is now the rep for two new brands of cider coming into Atlanta. These are very much in the European tradition of ciders: dry and bubbly, not sweet and gross. If you are a cider hater (and I was one too!), then you probably have not had a really good cider. I put one on a beer dinner menu a few years ago and thought that the people would throw their food at me once they got served a cider. But once they tasted the dry, sparkling, and refreshing cider, they really dug it. It can have a more Champagne-like taste than a cloyingly sweet taste. In fact, one of them is actually made with Guinness yeast. Pretty cool right there.

These guys are going to buy some bottles tomorrow night and share them with whoever stops by The Fred around 7:00 and before 8:00-ish. There isn't really a lot of structure here in case you couldn't tell. People are in  town to show off this product, and those are the times when The Fred is usually the most full. If a bunch of folks show up (i.e. you), then they will probably hang out a little past 8:00ish. In case you could not tell by my (not exactly) elusive hint, you won't have to pay for these samples, so what have you got to lose? Enjoy.