Monday, April 4, 2011

What I Want To Know Is: Where Does The Time Go?

Truly, where did the last two weeks go? The Craft Brewers Conference in San Francisco blew out the week of the 22nd (and it was awesome by the way). Then the past week was spent getting caught up from being out of the office for three week days. Remember, I do have other work responsibilities besides drinking beer and writing blog posts about it. Eventually I would like to divest myself of those other responsibilities and stick to earning money just for drinking beer, but that hasn't happened just yet. Baby steps...

Hopefully you are keeping up with the event announcements, because there were a few things last week that kept me busy. We had the Samuel Adams Long Shot event last Tuesday. A local home brewer was one of the winners of the Long Shot contest and got his home brew recipe made by Samuel Adams. You can find it in their mixed 12-packs only. It was a hoppy Belgian-style brownish ale and was extremely good. There were lots of beer people, media people, etc. on hand, along with the winner himself. Great guy. There was a Heavy Seas Black Cannon cask at Cumming last week too. Delicious. We didn't break the 31-minute record for emptying a firkin (held by the same location), but it was close. And if you were a Chancellor, there was an event at Prado just for you on Saturday featuring a local beer freak's Beer Camp beer from Sierra Nevada (for more info on Beer Camp, see old posts and pics from late 2008). There are only two more un-tapped kegs of this beer, so be on the look-out for announcements for when we are tapping them. One keg is at Deckard's and the other is at Cumming. Prado had two of them, so if you get over there soon, there may be some left. It is called Sierra Nevada Stung and it is an 8% ABV Rye IPA made with honey. It is great, people. Get some.

In between all of that I flew to Hampton, VA to see a concert and party with some old friends from back home. Thank you, tax refund. But seriously, if I don't see the inside of an airport or an airplane for a few months, it will be a good thing.

But, not rest for the beer-y! Tonight we launch New Belgium Abbey and Trippel at Deckard's. Be there at 6:00 pm to try Abbey in a bottle (draft coming soon) and Trippel on tap and in a bottle. Don't be surprised if the New Belgium guy shows up with some limited amounts of glassware to give away either. Both of these beers are very old recipes in the NB portfolio, and a big reason why this brewery has the word "Belgium" in its name. There will also be a very rare keg of New Belgium Lips of Faith Metric 10-10-10. What is it? It's rare and crazy and was brewed on 10-10-10. If you need to know more you either have to A.) Show up, or B.) Ask someone who does. I will be in the first group. What group will you be in?

But we are not done this week folks. Oh, no. On Saturday we have Captain Stab Tuggo performing his unusual talents at Metropolis at 10:00 pm. Why so late? Because this guy is going to swallow swords, hammer spikes up his nose, eat light bulbs and stuff like that. Not exactly suitable for dinner time. But this is all part of the Coney Island portion of our beer of the month for April. The Captain is our own hometown freak show performer from right here in Atlanta. If you have any sense of curiosity, you will want to see what this guy does. I realize that many of you don't live downtown, and that many of you are completely incapacitated with alcohol by 10:00 pm on a Saturday night, but we have a plan for that. Metropolis is one block from the Midtown Marta station. They also have 140 beers on tap. Let's see....easy to get to, incredible beer selection, crazy-looking guy doing freaky things to his body...and free admission....? What's not to love? I will be there for sure. Can you handle it? Check out to find out.

But before we all get too excited about freaks and beer geeks, please take a minute to consider the Prado Beer Fest this year. It is on Saturday, April 30th I really need to tell you where the PRADO Beer Fest is being held? This will be a beautiful late-spring afternoon with over 150 beers, a live band, and all kinds of great people getting their beer fest on. You can get advanced tickets (and save $5.00!) by going to The major issue that I am dealing with right now is having too many breweries that want to participate and how to cram them all into this event. Oh, but it will happen. These people want you to have their beer, so by god I am going to let 'em. Get it together and get a ticket. This thing will sell out.

OK, the last thing I have for you is our May beer dinner. It is being held in Peachtree City and features the wonderful beers from Bell's. Want to see the menu? Try, then click on "Events & Communications". You are going to want to go if you can. This menu looks awesome.

So that's it for another fun-filled week. I have a whole bunch of other stuff on the horizon, so stay tuned for more. I don't plan on leaving town again for very long until July, so I should post a little more regularly for the next couple of months. Have a great week everyone. See you at Metropolis for the freak show!