Monday, April 23, 2012

"Hop" On & Let's Go For A Ride!

There is the label for the new Terrapin Easy Rider. I told you last week how great this beer tasted at the anniversary party, and starting this Thursday, you can find out for yourself. Basically what you are dealing with here is a nice hoppy beer (think IPA) that is only 4.5% ABV. Now before you get too excited and think you can drink fourteen of these things and not get drunk, let me just say that "regular" beer is around 4% ABV, and the last time you drank fourteen of those you threw up on some thing or some one. Most likely a funnel was involved somewhere. You were a mess. Everyone was ashamed to be your friend, and you felt terrible the next day. Please do not repeat that performance with Easy Rider. It may drink easy, but it is going to puke really rough. Just imagine stomach acid, but with a ton of hops added into it. And it is coming out of your nose and mouth all at once. Not pretty. So, like your friends and loved ones continually say, please drink responsibly.

The next pieces of advice I have for you involve some really cool beer events (of course). I am going to go through them kind of quickly, since a few are just reminders:

  1. The "Salute To Smith's" is this Friday at Deckard's American Tavern. We will start giving stuff away around 6:00 pm, or when the Sam Smith's guy gets there. He lives nearby, so I am guessing that he will be there by 5:00 or 5:30. It is a great opportunity to meet one of the coolest dudes in the beer business (him, not me), and to recognize the outstanding beers that influenced two generations of American craft brewers to make real beer. If you feel like brushing up on Smith's beers in a hurry, you can get a tasting flight of four different ones for $15.00, which is a nice price (those beers ain't cheap people).
  2. That same night there is a cask of Heavy Seas Dubbel Cannon at our Cumming store. This store held the record for pouring a cask the fastest (under 17 minutes) until that was broke recently by the Johns Creek location. Maybe you can stop by and help them regain their crown. Be a part of history, because once we drain a cask without ever shutting it off, then we can't ever do it any faster. At least until they invent more powerful gravity, which apparently nobody is even working on these days.
  3. Then on Saturday at 2:00 pm we are back to Deckard's for a super special cask. A few months ago we held a contest for customers to design a special cask with Red Hare. There were so many good suggestions that we awarded two winners. The first one gets tapped at 2:00 pm, and Deckard's was the customers' choice of venue. You can meet the masterminds behind the blend, and taste a Watership Brown cask flavored with black tea, molasses and orange peel. If you can't make it at 2:00 pm, don't worry. The cask is on a widge system, so it will be fresh for days. Don't know what a widge system is? Sounds like you need to come down to Deckard's for a little show and tell. And drinking.
  4. The second winner from that contest is having their cask tapped on Cinco de Mayo, and it will most likely be held at the Johns Creek store. That one will be an IPA with tequila, lime and cilantro added to it. Sounds loco good. 
OK folks, that is all for now. I may share my twitter info with you one of these days. Right now all I have is an account. I haven't tweeted anything. Once I decide to do that I will let you know where to find me if you are a twitter person. Who knows, maybe I will decide that I am not a "twitter person" after all and just ditch it. We'll see. Have a great week everyone.