Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beer Events & More Beer Events

We have something really cool going on in Charlotte tomorrow, and in a few weeks. So if you are a Charlotte customer, know someone who is, or have always been looking for a reason to go to Charlotte to drink beer, I have a few good opportunities for you. Check it out:

  1. Our store in Huntersville is celebrating its one-year anniversary, starting tomorrow, and continuing into the weekend. Tomorrow they will be tapping five beers from the brand new Triple C Brewing Co. from right there inside Charlotte. Among the five offerings are a Smoked Amber Ale (sounds interesting) and Baby Maker Double IPA. That's just a great name for a beer. Get in there and check it out. Important brewery folks will be on hand for you to chat with too, so that is always a plus.
  1. Then on Saturday the 6th, they are going all out with a cask of NoDa Coco Loco, which is an awesome coconut porter made in Charlotte. NoDa is the brewery in NC that everyone is talking about. On that same night, the store will be tapping 2011 vintages of the following: Terrapin Wake and Bake, Founder's Breakfast Stout, Big Boss Big Operator, Southern Tier Mocha, and Southern Tier Choklat. All of these will be vintage dated approvals for anyone seeking credits. Please don't try to drink all of these beers in one night. You will not be in any shape to do any baby making. At least not with anyone attractive.
  1. On Friday, October 19th there is a Sierra Nevada Beer Camp tap take-over at our South Park location. On tap for a VERY limited time will be: Floral IPA, Imperial Pilsner, Imperial Red and Oatmeal Stout. This will also be the debut of Narwhal Imperial Stout, which I sampled while I was at the brewery last month, and it is a serious game changer. 100% awesome. Get some. I will, because I am going to be there that night. 
So that is a little Charlotte events action, now for a little preview of some GA events. 
  1. Next Tuesday the 9th at Metropolis we have a cask of Jailhouse Misdemeanor, but not any ordinary one. This one has toffee and agave nectar added. It is called William Kingsland, after an art thief of the same name. Jailhouse is naming all of their casks after famous criminals, and making each one unique. Pretty cool idea. We will tap it at 6:00 pm, and the brewery crew will be on hand to visit and drink a few as well. 
  1. The following night at Dallas Hwy in Marietta we will be tapping the first in a series of O'Dempsey's casks. We did this recently with an IPA, but this time it is Your Black Heart Imperial Stout, and this cask has additions of figs, pineapple & Crystal hops. Sounds just crazy enough to work. Tap goes in at 6:00 pm. Each of these O'Dempsey's YBH casks are individual credits, so if you come to more that one of these events (there are six), they will count as additional credits. The rest of the line-up will be detailed in future posts.
  1. Atlanta Beer Week kicks off on Saturday, October 20th. The following week we have a bunch of events, and I will run through them quickly now so that you can mark your calendars. More details will follow as we get closer though. Monday the 22nd is a meet & greet at Decatur with the Widmer brew master. Lots of specialty beers will be available, including three vintages of Barrel-Aged Brrbon and the new SXNW. Two different flights will be for sale too, and those will be one-time credits, unlikely to ever return. Tuesday the 23rd at Perimeter there is a meet & greet with Peter Bouckhart, brew master at New Belgium. He has a presentation to entertain you with, and there will be a good selection of New Belgium beers to drink. This guy is pretty influential in brewing circles, so it will be a great chance to rub elbows with a mover and shaker if you are into that kind of thing. The same night there will be five different 2011 vintage dated Southern Tier beers at East Roswell. Wednesday the 24th we have three 2011 Great Divide Yeti's on tap at East Roswell (regular, Chocolate and Espresso). The same night there is another O'Dempsey's cask, this time in Cumming, and it has Jack Daniels Barrel staves added for flavoring. Lastly, on Friday there will be a O'Dempsey's cask at The Fred Bar with cocoa nibs and cranberries. And at East Roswell that night there will be three different Russian Imperial Stouts from the cellar, all with 2011 vintages. I am cooking up a few other things right now, but that all I have set in stone at this point. 

Before I go, I just want to give a shout-out to anyone going to Friday's Braves playoff game. I am throwing out the first pitch, so get there early and cheer for me, even if I screw it up. Wait...especially if I screw it up. 

If you don't already follow your local stores on Twitter, this might be a good time to do so. I will be going to the Great American Beer Fest the 11th-13th, so updates on events might be coming from the stores more reliably than through me next week. I will do everything in my power, however, to keep you abreast of any and all developments. Thanks, and enjoy whatever it is that you choose to be doing. Bye.