Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This One Goes To Eleven

I would like to begin by repeating myself, which if those were the first words ever muttered, would have thrown the world into an endless loop of the exact same thing being said, forever. Because if those were the first words ever spoken, they would, by nature, be the only words the next person ever knew, and until that person was able to invent more words, or in essence real language, they would be the only words ever spoken. by anyone. There is little to no chance that the second person would ever be able to accomplish that, because he or she would have gone crazy first after listening to the first person repeat his or herself over and over. Or, what is more plausible is that the second person would have killed the first person after a pretty short period of them repeating themselves over and over. I mean why not? As long as you could do it before the third person came along, who would know? If the third person showed up, and you could now somehow communicate telepathically, because language was such a bust that you had to kill the only other person you had ever known, and that third person asked you where everybody else was, you could say, "What are you trying to say?" That ought to shut them up. I mean, telepathically speaking, I guess everyone shuts up, but you know what I mean. The moral of the story is, just stop repeating yourself so much and nobody gets hurt. Or if you suddenly realize that you are the only person on Earth, come up with something interesting to say. And finally, if you discover that you are the second person on Earth, remember that if either of the two of you wanted to kill the other one, there's a pretty good chance of getting away with it. So either be nice to each other, or start looking for a blunt object . Now of course this is all nonsense, because if the Earth is full of anything it is people. But wait until we start to populate outer space...just wait....

Here is what I am going to repeat, only because it is critically important. Get it tattooed on your body somewhere.
  1. This Friday there will be five rare/new Sierra Nevada beers at our South Park store in Charlotte. Four will be past Beer Camp beers, and one will be the new Narwhal Imperial Stout. I, for one, can't wait. Charlotte here I come.
  2. I am coming back from that in time for a Whiskey Seminar at The Fred Bar this Saturday from 3:00-5:00 pm. The cost is only $25.00 to taste five high-end whiskeys, and get educated on their similarities and differences by Whiskey Master Kevin Mulcahy. This guy knows his stuff, and he will be as thorough as you need him to be. Just think, this holiday season around the fire, you can be the person who knows everything about whiskey, while everyone else secretly thinks about how lame they are compared to you. And then they'll resent you, but what do you care? Compared to you, they are a bunch of losers. You need better friends. Ones that won't hold you back, suppressing your potential to be cooler than they are out of jealously. If you are interested in signing up for this seminar, just send some contact info to here and mention the whiskey seminar. We will taste Irish, Scotch, Canadian and American (one bourbon and one rye) whiskeys. 
  3. This Sunday is the Jailhouse cask at Metropolis. Remember, this is at 1:00 pm on Sunday, 10/21 at Metropolis. Jailhouse Misdemeanor with toffee and agave nectar. Sounds awesome.
  4. Monday the 22nd at Decatur you can meet the brew master from Widmer and drink a ton of crazy beers of  his. Three vintages of Barrel-Aged Brrbon, the new Old Embalmer Barley Wine, SXNW (a strong ale with chilis, chocolate and pecans), and a ton of old favorites, including two IPA's. We will be also selling flights so that you can try many of these beers in one night. Safely. Remember that the flights will be new and one-time credits for Brewniversity members. This event is from 7:00-9:00 pm, because we know that getting to Decatur on a weekday before 6:30 pm can be difficult.
  5. Tuesday the 23rd at Perimeter you can meet Peter Bouckaert, brew master from New Belgium. He is going to tell you all about his story, and the stories of some of his favorite beers that he brews. One of his first, and still favorite, recipes is called 1554, and has always been one of my favorite New Belgium beers. You can get a special event credit by ordering one of those before listening to his presentation. This will take place in the inner patio, and he will start around 5:45 pm. Please try to be on time. This is a very important person in the beer world, and we do not want to interrupt his presentation with a lot of late arrivals. Subjects will include his journey through Belgian brewing to Colorado, special yeast strains and their characteristics, and fun things like that. Another chance for you to get cooler than those half-wits you've been hanging around with lately.
  6. Also on Tuesday the 23rd there will be a handful of vintage-dated Southern Tier beers at our East Roswell store. Get them while you can, because they will be probably be gone before the weekend comes and goes. Don't delay. Here is the line-up: Chokolat, Creme Brulee, Jah'va, Mokah, Oak-Aged Back Burner, all 2011 vintages.
  7. On Wednesday the 24th there will be three different vintage-dated Great Divide Yeti kegs at East Roswell: Oak-Aged, Chocolate and Espresso Yetis from 2011 will be pouring after 5:00 pm.
  8. Also on the 24th here people there will be the next O'Dempsey's cask at Cumming. That starts at 6:00 pm. This one was aged on pieces of Jack Daniel's barrel staves, and the beer is Your Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout.
  9. Next up is Friday the 26th, and you can get some vintage-dated Russian Imperial Stouts at East Roswell. I don't know how it happened, but we shook that location, and a ton of cellared beers fell out, just in time for ABW. There are 2011 vintages to Avery The Czar and Stone Russian Imperial Stout, plus a 2012 dated version of Troubadour from Belgium.
  10. Also on Friday you will get the next O'Dempsey's cask at The Fred Bar. This one has cranberries and cocoa nibs in it, and the brewer thinks it will be the best in the series. Let's see if he is right. The rest of the O'Dempsey's casks go like this: Nov. 2nd at Peachtree City, 11/7 at Lawrenceville--Suwanee Rd., and 11/12 at Kennesaw for their 5th anniversary shindig. 
  11. Lastly we have an event at The Fred that should be fun on Saturday the 27th. We will be serving beers from Finch's and Goose Island out of Chicago (maybe even a Goose rarity...stay tuned). But that's not all. You can also get an authentic Chicago-style hot dog with all of the crazy toppings, and a big can of Old Style. That's right, real Old Style, in Atlanta. Ice cold 16oz. tall-boys. Oh yeah.
That, boys and girls, are your Atlanta Beer Week events...for now. I may have one more up my sleeve before it is all over, so stay tuned.