Thursday, June 13, 2013

What's Brewing Out There?

We have been having a lot of fun with these SweetWater casks these days. The beers have been
Our brew system at the office.
exceptional, and everyone is enjoying them immensely. If you have been waiting to get out and try them, here is the line-up for this week and next. Remember, casks from SweetWater are rare, unless you go to the brewery for their tours. So don't act like this is not a big deal and that you can catch these again some other time. You can't. Check it out:
  • Thurs. (tonight!) 6/13 Fred Bar-- IPA w/ grapefruit, apricots, orange & rosemary
  • Fri. 6/14 Newnan-- Porter w/ chicory, vanilla & cocoa
  • Sat. 6/15 Canton-- Imperial Stout w/ mint, lactose & cocoa (4:00 pm!)
  • Tues. 6/18 Johns Creek-- Porter w/ chicory, vanilla & cocoa
  • Wed. 6/19 East Roswell-- IPA w/ orange, grains of paradise, Cascade, Chinook, Summit & Citra
  • Fri. 6/21 Chattanooga (6:00 pm)-- Brown Ale w/ cardamom, cocoa & orange peel
The week of the 24th we will be in Charlotte tapping three more of these casks. We resume in GA on Saturday the 29th in Buford and Duluth, but I will remind everyone about all of those later. Just remember that all tap times are 6:00 pm unless otherwise specified. I do want to warn you that by the time we get back into GA on the 29th, we will be getting very close to only having one cask of each beer left. If you were looking for these rare Brewniversity credits, it will start to get to a critical point really soon. 

How are the submissions for the 2013 Southern Home Brewer's Challenge coming along? Do all of the home brewers out there know about this pro-am competition? One winner will get their beer made by Red Hare in Marietta to be part of our Beer Of The Month program in January. Pretty cool. Last year's SHBC was a big success, and we have big plans for this year's to be better than ever. If you know a home brewer, make sure they know the deal. If that home brewer is you, and you like to talk to yourself, feel free to tell yourself whenever you have time. Remember that the submission form is linked above, just look to the lower right of the picture of our brew system that have at the office. All of the details are in that form.

In case anyone is getting bored reading this because I have not been talking about any wild and wacky adventures, I am sorry. Been too busy to travel much these days, but I will be hitting the road again soon enough. Don't worry, I can't stay in one place for too long. I did go see Tracy Morgan at The Tabernacle last week and went to a concert at Variety Playhouse on Friday. I really feel sorry for the 30 Rock fans that showed up to see Tracy Morgan, expecting that kind of comedy. No, they got some seriously raunchy humor, and by the looks on some of their faces, they were not pleased. Let's just say that I was kind of shocked by what I heard, and I am not exactly a housewife from the suburbs. Nothing against housewives from the 'burbs, but by and large they do not tend to like very graphic jokes of a sexual nature. And if they do enjoy a dirty joke from time to time (who doesn't, really?), they still probably don't like a solid hour of them. Non-stop, filthy, in your face for an hour. This Saturday I am going to see Daniel Tosh. Very excited about that. If you don't know who that is, well, he sold out two shows at the Cobb Energy Center. Get with the program out there. The guy's hilarious. Then on June 27th I have tickets to see Dave Chappelle. That's right, the man who changed comedy and sketch TV as we know it is back from seclusion, and packing the Tabernacle. It will be very interesting to hear what is on his mind now after his meteoric rise to fame, at the peak of which he just walked away. 

And on that note, I am outta here. Need to wrap up a few things before heading down to The Fred Bar tonight for that cask. Talk to you later.