Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Diversify Yo' Job Skills, Bee-Yotch!

This sign caught my eye as I was entering a very good BBQ place in Murphy, NC last weekend before a wedding. Murphy is about 30 miles east of the Tennessee border, and 20 miles north of the Georgia border. This is very beautiful mountain country, and apparently is where old streetwalkers go to retire and fry pies. I can't explain how the world works, but if that is what they want to do when it is time to stop doing what they did, who am I stop them? Go fry your pies ladies. I won't judge you.

I was in a very crazy bar in San Francisco on New Year's Day 2012 that was run by two semi-retired prostitutes. They had a crock pot set up on a card table, and something--possibly of Korean origin--was cooking in there, but that is another story. No one fried a pie. If you ever find yourself in need of something truly weird, go to RJ's Sports Bar in San Fran. Go while the sun is still up. Trust me on that one.The beer selection is surprisingly good. Quite unexpected, considering the surroundings. Here are some interesting Yelp reviews, in case you thought I was embellishing the story. 
On a serious note, I am going to give you your weekly update on the SweetWater cask series. We are getting near the end, and the beers are still tasting as excellent as when we started. I just finished one of those brown ales with cardamom up here in Charlotte. Here is the rest of the list. Notice where I specified the last opportunities to taste each variety. I did that because I care.
  • Fri. 6/28 UNCC-- Imperial Stout with mint, lactose & cocoa.
  • Sat. 6/29 Mall of GA 2:00 pm- IPA with orange, grains of paradise, Cascade, Chinook, Summit & Citra hops. LAST CHANCE to try this beer!
  • Sat. 6/29 Duluth 5:00 pm-- Imperial Stout with mint, lactose & cocoa.
  • Wed. 7/3 Cumming-- IPA with grapefruit, apricots, orange & rosemary.
  • Fri. 7/5 Windward 5:30 pm-- Brown Ale with cardamom, cocoa & orange peel.  LAST CHANCE to try this beer!  
  • Fri. 7/5 Old Milton 7:00 pm-- Porter with chicory, vanilla & cocoa.
  • Sat. 7/6 Crabapple 4:00 pm-- Imperial Stout with mint, lactose & cocoa.  LAST CHANCE to try this beer!
  • Sat. 7/6 Woodstock-- Porter with chicory, vanilla & cocoa.  LAST CHANCE to try this beer!
  • Wed. 7/10 Suwanee-- IPA with grapefruit, apricots, orange & rosemary. LAST CHANCE to try this beer!
This is also the LAST CHANCE for any local home brewers to get ready to submit their beers for the 2013 Southern Home Brewer's Challenge. You can bring your submissions (I know that you already read the rules and regulations, right?) to the specified locations below. Basically, I will be at a different store each Monday in July to collect your brews and take them safely to the judging panel. You need to be there between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm to get them in my hands.
  • Monday, July 1st-- Decatur
  • Monday, July 8th-- Peachtree City
  • Monday, July 15th-- Kennesaw
  • Monday, July 22nd-- Cumming
  • Monday, July 29th-- Suwanee (Lawrenceville/Suwanee Rd.)
Last but not least, here is your reminder about some wacky casks coming up at Metropolis in July:
  • Abita English Mild on July 9th.
  • Duck Rabbit Brown Ale on July 16th.
  • Abita Naughty Crumpet on July 23rd.
  • JailHouse somethin' or other on July 30th. The guys at JailHouse are whipping up something special for us, we just don't know what it is yet.
That is all I have for you right now. I will back in Atlanta on Thursday for a special show at The Tabernacle. I am not going to tell you who is there. You either know, are going, wish you were going, are going another night, live on Mars, or are wondering why you did not know about something so monumental. If the last option best suits your position, then maybe...just might be a dork.