Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You Think Adult Alcoholics Are Difficult....

Did anybody see this article in Creative Loafing recently? If you did, then you should be really excited to
hear about this new brewery that will be launching their beer this Friday at Taco Mac in Decatur and at The Fred Bar. You might also have noticed how The Fred Bar is mentioned (even though the capitalization is sloppy) as being a key element in the formation of this brewery. Pretty cool. So drop into either one of those locations to taste their Night In Brussels (a Belgian-y American IPA) and Single Intent (Belgian-style Single/Blonde) on Friday and welcome Three Taverns to the local beer scene. I am going to try to get by one of those places depending on how my day shapes up on Friday. But read that CL article and get a load of the pedigree this brewer brings to the table. Impressive.

Do you like to drink beer, but it just isn't making you fatter fast enough? Problem solved: beer ice cream. Yes, that's right, your prayers have been answered. Many Taco Mac locations will have beer ice cream in four flavors coming very soon. They are: Brown Ale Chip, Honey IPA, Malted Chocolate Stout and Peach Lambic. Vanilla Bock will be coming eventually, once we see how these first four perform. These products are strictly adult only. It is illegal for us to sell them to anyone under the age of 21, because they are roughly 2-3% ABV. They are made with real beer. No matter how much a kid whines about wanting this ice cream, they can not have it. Think about it like this: If your kid gets his hands on this stuff, suddenly all other ice cream will not longer be acceptable. Your kid will now only want cold, creamy deliciousness...that also gets him drunk. And he is going to want it all the time. Vegetables? Hell no. He wants to get drunk on ice cream. Mac & Cheese. Maybe, as long as it gets him kind of drunk. Did you want an obese alcoholic child? Because that's what you'd get. Adults, however, will love the fact that they can end their meal with a yummy dessert while still tasting beer, and...wait for it...get an additional Brewniversity credit for the ice cream! Who's screamin' for ice cream now? It's you, isn't it? That's what I thought. Expect the product to arrive next week, and I will provide a complete store list at that time.

The last thing I have for you is a possible invite to a tequila tasting/educational class next Thursday night from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at The Fred Bar. A very notable expert from Herradura will be in town from Mexico. He will be walking us through the awesome world of tequila production, including some great historical info, a video presentation, and a tasting of four tequilas. You will get a bottle of Mexican beer to wash it all down with as well. This event is only $20.00, and there are just a few openings left. If you are interested in coming, e-mail this address:, and be sure to put "Tequila" in the subject line. I will forward you the RSVP requirements, and you can sign up through that. As of this minute there are only ten spots left. Please don't sign up if you kind of thinking that maybe you want to attend. That would keep other truly interested people from being able to get in, and would therefore qualify you as a jerk. So be cool, because as well all know, karma is a bitch. Have a great rest of the week everyone. Bye.