Wednesday, July 3, 2013

This Is The End

Sticky hops make sticky foam.

Well, it is not really the "end" end, but we are coming close to the conclusion of our SweetWater cask run.  In fact, if you weren't in Buford on Saturday, you missed the last chance to taste the IPA with oranges, grains of paradise and four different types of additional hops. It was great. (And I will probably go see that movie, This Is The End this weekend. Reports are that it is hilarious.) Here are the remainder of the dates:
  • Wed. 7/3 Cumming-- IPA with grapefruit, apricots, orange & rosemary.
  • Fri. 7/5 Windward 5:30 pm-- Brown Ale with cardamom, cocoa & orange peel.  LAST CHANCE to try this beer!  
  • Fri. 7/5 Old Milton 7:00 pm-- Porter with chicory, vanilla & cocoa.
  • Sat. 7/6 Crabapple 4:00 pm-- Imperial Stout with mint, lactose & cocoa.  LAST CHANCE to try this beer!
  • Sat. 7/6 Woodstock-- Porter with chicory, vanilla & cocoa.  LAST CHANCE to try this beer!
  • Wed. 7/10 Suwanee-- IPA with grapefruit, apricots, orange & rosemary. LAST CHANCE to try this beer!

Notice where I tipped you off to the final appearances of each flavor. If you miss these chances, like you did with the IPA last Saturday, it will be like missing one of the last chances to ever see a dodo bird, then kill it and eat it. Don't be like the guy after the last guy to ever eat a dodo bird.

The location in East Roswell has a cask of LoneRider Peacemaker Pale Ale getting tapped on Saturday as well. Observant readers may notice that now we have three different casks getting tapped on Highway 92 on the same day. Total distance if you wanted to hit all three? Seventeen and a half miles. Same road. I can't really make this much easier for you than that. 

Next week Metropolis kicks off their Tuesday cask series for July. Here is the line-up:
  • Abita English Mild on July 9th.
  • Duck Rabbit Brown Ale on July 16th.
  • Abita Naughty Crumpet on July 23rd.
  • JailHouse somethin' or other on July 30th. The guys at JailHouse are whipping up something special for us, we just don't know what it is yet.
If you were too lazy, or just didn't care, to find out what "monumental" show I went to last week that was worth driving back and forth from Charlotte twice in one week, it was Dave Chappelle. Let me tell you something; if you missed it (he sold out 5 or 6 shows in Atlanta), I am glad my name is not you. That guy was as funny as he has ever been, and seeing him put me in a good mood for days.

That is all I have for you for now. Have a great holiday. Be sure to try to blow something up, because what's more American than blowing shit up? Getting drunk and blowing shit up, that's what! I made that one easy for you. Bye.

PS-- I got to try the new Terrapin RecreationAle (like "recreational") at our annual charity golf tournament. One of my new favorites. Go get some now. Thank me later.

Fore! Or five. This beer is great.