Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snuggie Countdown!

I hope everyone is ready for a big weekend. The Ron Burgundy is about to run out at a few locations, and some lucky winners are going to be pretty comfortable while they lounge around watching basketball all weekend. There arms will stay nice and warm while flipping between games with their remote. This photo was taken at our office yesterday. This is Rob, the GM of our Suwanee store, getting some well-deserved R & R, reading the Atlanta Business Chronicle. I didn't know the ABC was so funny, but he really seems to be getting a kick out of it. Odd. He is modeling one of the actual Sweetwater Snuggies that we will be giving away. His store looks to be the front runner right now. This morning's report suggests Ron doesn't make it through the lunch shift. Mall of GA, Perimeter, Kennesaw, Metropolis and Philips Arena are getting close as well. I'm going to see what kind of damage I can do to that keg at Philips on Saturday. The beer is tasting great, so if you still haven't got your hands on one, you may need to have your head examined.

Other notable beer happenings upcoming are:
  • Next Wednesday Metropolis will be tapping a firkin of Highland St. Terese Pale Ale that was dry-hopped with plenty of Cascade hops. Sandi from the brewery will be in attendance, and she is about as cool as they get. You ought to come check us out. I will be there. We will be breaking into it at 5 pm sharp.
  • Johns Creek, Metropolis and Peachtree City have kegs of Stone Cali-Belgique. I just sent the pertinent info to them this morning, and I expect them to be serving this rare beer this weekend, or early next week. Please call before you break every road ordinance in the book racing over there.
  • Crabapple is opening up their cellar this weekend. Drop by for a year-old Allagash Curieux and/or Oskar Blues Ten-Fiddy. Wow. If that doesn't lift your spirits, they are tapping a Weyerbacher Slam Dunkle too. Very timely placement, with the hoops reference and all.
  • If you dig cellared beer, Old Milton is pouring a year-old North Coast Old Stock. If you missed the barley wine vertical with Duck Rabbit in January, you should really check this out. Aged barley wine is so sublime compared to its fresher incarnations. If you did check out the DR vertical, then you are probably on your way over there ASAP. They also have a keg of Coney Island Human Blockhead. If that doesn't pique your curiosity, check your pulse.
  • Duluth has a Slam Dunkle going on as well, and a TON of new beers on top of that. Life is looking good on the east side these days. Duluth also has a keg of Allagash Interlude. Nobody else has that. I don't know how they got it, but they did. Same story as the Cali-Belg., call first. I just sent the info to the store, so they need to find a spot for it, get the line cleaned, etc. All I am saying is this: If you like Belgian-style beers, then you need to find a way to Duluth in the next few days. It is a little keg, and I can't say when or if we will see this beer on draft again. If you call the store, ask for Warren. He will know for sure when they are going to get into it.
  • I mentioned that Ft. Collins beers were arriving, and they have. Most stores have brought in their bottles, and many stores have them on draft. Their IPA and Kidd Lager (a black lager-very good) drafts are all over. Call your home store and see what's up. Same with Shiner Commemerator (dopple-bock). Their 100th Anniversary beer has been going in at multiple stores. Terrapin's Sun Ray Wheat beer is out now, and turning up all over town as well.
  • Did Ron Burgundy turn you on? I meant did it turn you on to scotch ales, what did you think I meant? Well, if it did, you need to get some Great Divide Claymore. Head over to Cumming, Metropolis, Canton or Kennesaw. I hear great things about this beer, but have not have a chance to try it. Note to self: Drink a lot of beer this weekend, and make sure at least 1 is GD Claymore.
  • Newnan has put in 3 new Smuttynose drafts and 2 new Redbrick drafts. That is a really good looking store with a great staff. I always enjoy myself when I get in there.
  • I can't explain it, but Weyerbacher seems to be all over the place these days too. Perimeter has the 13 on tap. It is huge stout that is 13.4% ABV. Fireside is available at Kennesaw & Woodstock, and the Merry Monk is about to start showing up next week.
  • In addition to the Sun Ray, V-High is also adding Avery 15, Coney Island Human Blockhead, and He'Brew Origins.
  • Speaking of V-High, they are 1 of 8 stores that are getting Terrapin's newest Side Project, Monk's Revenge. These kegs are small and will be gone fast. I do not know if the distributors who handle Terrapin in certain counties are getting any kegs or not, but the bottles should be available all over town. This beer is an American-style double IPA, made with a special Trappist yeast. They nailed this one. It should be arriving next week at Lindbergh, Newnan, Kennesaw, Metropolis, Decatur, V-High, Woodstock and Crabapple.
  • I am a huge fan of this milder tasting Belgian amber style from Ommegang called Rare Vos. Decatur is putting it in right now, and some other stores have it (or can get it if you ask about it).
  • Stores that are serviced by 1 particular distributor will be getting Dominion Millennium. It is a unique English-style barley wine. We have access to 7 kegs only. I will have the complete list next week. Stay tuned.
  • The beer engines that we have at Decatur, Canton and G Mall right now may go dry for a short period of time. You folks really took to the cask-conditioned beers with a purpose. I am impressed. These beers can't be poured by any old bar, so the inventory kept by the distributors in not like it is with other, more conventionally poured beers. We expected to run out from time to time. We have to create the demand to get the supply, so be patient. The orders are placed, in increased numbers, and the pumps will be pumping again soon.
Keep April 6-8 on your calendar. RJ Rockers has a new beer, Son Of A Peach, coming out soon, and you can get a sneak preview on those days. We are going to spread 8 kegs around to 8 stores, and release the beer at 3 of them on Monday 4/6, 3 of them Tuesday 4/7, and 2 stores on Wednesday 4/8. Someone from the brewery will be at 6 of these locations to answer questions and meet our customers. Got a great idea for a new beer? Maybe you should share it with a growing brewery doing business right here in the southeast. I will keep you updated on that more as it gets nearer.

I hope the "Return Of The Weekly Beer Report" was helpful. Watch for upcoming releases and cask events. I have a lot more stuff coming up, and new beers coming every day. Thanks for reading, now get out there and get a damn Snuggie already.