Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stay Classy, Beer Drinkers

Are you ready for some good lovin', Ron Burgundy style? Well then get ready, because tomorrow, Ron is going to start spreading his love all over Atlanta. Sweetwater's newest Dank Tank offspring, the love child commemorating our 30th anniversary, is going to be poured at all Taco Mac locations starting at 5 pm. This scotch ale style was delicious at pre-release tastings, and the finished product should be outstanding.

I will be at our Philips Arena location when Ron drops his robe. The Red Wings are in town, and for those of you who did not know, I am from Michigan. Not alot to be proud of up there sports-wise right now other than hockey. Oh, and the Lions can't, by reason of deduction, get any worse than they were last year. So they have that going for them.

The thing about The Ron Burgundy is that in addition to being a great beer, it has a special addendum to it. Being an anniversary beer to honor 30 years of Taco Mac in Atlanta, the brewery has attached a little memorial prize. Whoever orders the last glass from the last keg at each store, wins a top secret, totally exclusive token of appreciation that will be the envy of EVERYONE YOU KNOW! This prize is so timely, so hilarious, and so ridiculous that every man, woman and child you encounter will hate themselves for having seen how cool you are, only to realize that they can never, no matter how hard they try, be as cool as you. Fonzie himself would weep. "What is it, Fred? Please tell me!" No. I have been sworn to secrecy in a blood pact, where the participants were hooded and shrouded in darkness. Chants were chanted, incantations were incantated, candles were all over the place. Well, not really, but we drank a bunch of beer and I promised that I wouldn't tell anyone what the prize was. So I need to stick to that.

Each store received 2-5 kegs of this beer. So depending on where you hang out, and how much Ron you can handle, the prizes will start being handed out as each store runs out. As the number of stores with Ron on tap starts to narrow, the anticipation over the prizes should grow. Eventually, we will hopefully have a big group trying to kill that last keg, and award the final prize. How long will this take? That, my friends, is up to you. Also, as we near the finish, there may be a special appearance or two. I can't really talk about that either.

Terrapin and Atlanta Brewing Co. are also doing anniversary beers for us, and the details on those are just starting to get clarified. I do know that Terrapin's beer is called "30 Strong" and is made with 30 different ingredients. It should arrive in May. On the 11th of May, we will pouring 2 special casks of 30 Strong at our original Virginia-Highland location. Those casks will have a 31st ingredient (1 more for good luck!) added. The guys from the brewery tasted it from the tank yesterday and called me immediately. Apparently it is an inspiring experience. Can't wait. The ABC beer will debut in June, so it hasn't been brewed yet. Stay tuned for more developments on that.

If you are curious about beer dinners (Where did they go?), don't despair. We did our March dinner on the 3rd to accommodate the schedule of Allagash's brew master, and April's dinner is on the 28th to accommodate someone else's schedule. We are still on a monthly rotation, we just have a big span in between this time. The April dinner is called "Matt & Fred's Magical Mystery Beer Tour". The beers are from an importer who we have never done business with before, and they have some obscure beers I had never seen. The beers are awesome, and we will feature 2 German beers, 1 Belgian, 1 Italian and 1 from Sri Lanka. Crazy. Each one is unlike anything that you would expect from those countries. Be prepared to have your mind opened up a little bit if you are going to attend. Marie should have the menus on line very soon. She is playing around with some cool graphics, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Oh, one last thing before I go. There is a Jack Daniel's barrel full of Ron Burgundy at Sweetwater. We are going to do something with that beer too, but I'm just not sure what yet. Can you say "cask conditioned, whiskey barrel aged scotch ale served from a beer engine"? Not after about 2 of those beers you couldn't. Anyway, that's what I am thinking, we'll see. Thanks for your time today. See you soon, and most importantly, stay classy Atlanta.