Monday, March 23, 2009

Snuggie Fever Grips Atlanta!

Yes folks, that's right. Snuggie fever has gripped the city. If you do not know what a Snuggie is, that's good. That means that you don't watch as much TV as the rest of the couch potatoes you hang around with. Now, go turn on your TV, wait 20 seconds, and you will see an ad for a Snuggie. Or, just ask ANY OTHER PERSON ALIVE. They oughta be able to help you out.
So, what is the cure for Snuggie Fever? You, in the corner?
"More cowbell?"
No, but Will Farrell is involved. Yes, you, sliding off the bar stool with the glazed expression and blood-shot eyes?
"Is it Ron Burgundy?"
That's right dad! It's Ron Burgundy. Tell him what he's won Bob!
"He hasn't won anything yet Fred. He has to be the person who orders the last beer from the last keg at any Taco Mac, and he will win a navy blue Snuggie with Sweetwater's logo on it!"
Oooh, that's too bad. Will someone please take my dad home. He's not getting lucky tonight. But you're always a winner to me pop!
(Note: My father is actually a very resp0onsible drinker, but that's not very funny now is it?)

Here, friends, is the kicker: This weekend was crazy with Ron Burgundy drinkers out there in Taco Mac land. Once again, nice job beer drinkers. You make me so proud (sniff). Now I'm getting all choked up. We thought that the number of kegs each store got would last 2-3 weeks. But no, without even knowing about the Snuggies, you put your foot in Ron Burgundy's you-know-what! Metropolis and Suwanee are on their last kegs right now! I expect the first prizes to go out at those stores tomorrow, 5 days after we launched this beer. Once again, I'm getting a little verklemt.

I am waiting for the rest of the stores to notify me when they tap their last kegs, and I will keep you posted. As we near the last store with the last full keg, we are going to save it until it is the last Ron Burgundy in town. And then, a kill-the-keg, last-Snuggie event will take place. The last keg of Hop Secret 393 went in 17 minutes at Crabapple on 3/11. Can we beat that record? Who will get the last Sweetwater Snuggie? Will we ever taste this beer again? Oh, the drama is unfolding before our eyes!

Bear in mind that Sweetwater's employees were not allowed to purchase these items. I don't have one, my bosses don't have them. There is 1 per store, and that is it. Wear it out in public, and watch everyone's envious expressions. And remember, if they laugh, hysterically and out loud, it's just a cover-up. They may have a blanket with sleeves of their own, but not with a Sweetwater logo on it, so there. This cultural phenomenon is not going to last much longer than, well, the last one, and I already forgot what that was, so let's have fun with it while we can. Also, if you Google "Snuggie Pub Crawl", there is one coming to Atlanta (proceeds go to charity), and Marie is going to try to get a Taco Mac on their route. I need as many of our winners on that crawl as possible. You win one, you need to call me.

Special teaser note: 31 gallons of Ron Burgundy is currently nestled inside a barrel previously used for Jack Daniels.

"When will that beer get kegged and served?"
I don't even know right now.
"Where will it be poured?"
Too soon to tell.
"Where do babies come from?"
It's not my job to tell you that. I'm just the beer guy.

I have more stuff for everyone, including the "Return Of The Weekly Beer Report"! That should be out tomorrow, hopefully, with more Ron B. updates. Stay tuned for a new and improved method for getting new beer info directly to you. Top secret info right now, but the 21st century is fully upon us, that is for sure.

Lastly, put April 1st on your calendar ASAP. We have a firkin of Highland St. Terese Pale Ale, dry-hopped with fresh Cascade hops, pouring from Metropolis' beer engine. Sandi from the brewery will be there (myself as well), and it will be a blast. No, this is not an April Fool's joke. If you don't believe me, then I guess you need to just show up and see for yourself.

PS- I do not know the guy in the photo, but he looks like one of our people: beer hat, beer belly, goofy expression, sense of humor at his own expense for others' enjoyment. Party on, Snuggie dude.