Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Burgundy?

Tonight, The Ron Burgundy goes down forever. The beer, released 30 days before the 420 Fest in Candler Park, is available at 1 store only: Decatur. The 420 Fest starts tomorrow. How awesome is this timing? Pretty much storybook timing on this one. It almost seems like it was orchestrated to end this way, doesn't it? Truth is, we planed on doing a "Kill Ron" get together at Ellard Village and try to drain a full keg in 1 night. That turned out to be more difficult to arrange than I thought. So, we just let it follow its own course. And how did that work out? The store closest to the 420 Fest has the last keg of Ron on the eve of the fest. The natural forces of the universe lined everything up perfectly. That is some Zen beer karma going on there.

So, if you feel like saying good-bye to Ron Burgundy, meet me in Decatur tonight. If the feeling strikes me (i.e. slight to moderate inebriation), I might just model the damn Snuggie myself. Who knows, maybe I will win it. There is not much of this beer left (about 3/4 keg), so if you get out there before I do, maybe you will be the proud owner of a blanket, with sleeves, and a Sweetwater logo.
Brewery personnel are going to try to swing by as well.

If you are perplexed by the photo, that is not Ron Burgundy. That is Chaz from Wedding Crashers, an equally classic Will Ferrell character that threatens to steal the movie with a bit part at the end of the film. "Mom! The Meatloaf!"

If you want to ponder more Eastern mysticism, there is a Hari Krishna house on Ponce, not far from the store. Bring your robe (hopefully one like Chaz is sporting, the Krishnas will give you the orange one), and all of your earthly possessions and money. You won't need those anymore, but strangely, they do. Never could figure out how that works.

Note: The connection between the photo and the text is flimsy, I know that. Sorry, I'm a little pinched for time right now. I will try harder next time.