Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wino Wednesday!

As funny as I think getting a bunch of winos together for a mid-week party might be, this is not what I am referring to in the title of this post. Homelessness and alcohol addiction are not funny. The word "wino" is hilarious, but winos themselves are kind of scary and sad. I mean, have you ever tasted Wild Irish Rose? If that is your beverage of choice, sir, you have hit rock bottom.

No, seriously, Wednesday's cask at Metropolis is a Terrapin Sun Ray Wheat aged with red wine and oak. I have had a few beers like this before, and they are great. In case you have not had a chance to taste some of Terrapin's cask beers (see photo above right of the cask tent from the 4/11 party at the brewery-4 top choice rarities), they do a dynamite job. We tap firkins at 5 pm. What else is really going on this Wednesday anyway? Hawks Playoff Game 2 you say? Luckily Metropolis has a TV or two so that we can watch the game while we drink cask beer. If you can't make it, I understand. I mean, it sucks for you, and that I understand. Terrapin people will be there for questions and general levity. The "Viking Guy" I am not sure about. Can you pick out his dad in the ensuing photos?

Please read below for YOUR WEEKLY BEER REPORT!:
  • Run, don't walk, to Johns Creek or Woodstock for a small keg of DFH Midas Touch. I don't have enough time to tell you everything about this beer. It's rare, it wacky, and you want one. Think beer archaeology.

  • Kennesaw is anticipating warmer weather with Anchor Summer, Lindemann's Peche (new to ATL) and Sierra Summer. Metro and Perimeter have the Sierra Summer as well. Hate light summer beers? Then you have not tried Sierra's.

  • Speaking of warm, if you are in any of the 15 stores pouring Ommegang Rouge (French for red, not "rogue"), try to let this complex beer warm up a little. In fact, while you are Googling the Midas Touch, look up Flemish sour ales. When these beers are cold, the nuances of fruit and oak are masked. Give it a few minutes to get up to at least 45 degrees.

  • Not been levitated yet? Everyone is going crazy for the Stone Levitation. It is an amber ale with a great flavor. People always expect Stone to blow your taste buds apart, and are surprised at how pleasantly drinkable Levitation is. So get over to Suwanee and get lifted (bonus point for anyone who knows the origin of the song lyric: "It's hard being black and gifted. Sometimes you wanna throw it all down and get lifted!" Hint: Not a real song. This is from a movie made by and starring one of the most genius and controversial comics in the last 20 years.).

  • Thank god there is new representation in GA for Brooklyn Brewing Co. As promised, here come some much anticipated specialties. First up is Brooklyn Blast. It is an IPA of some sort, high-gravity, and available at P-Rim and Newnan so far. Please tell me how good it is if you taste it before me. Hey Newnan! I will be there on Thursday! Hope I'm not too late.

  • Lastly, as always, there are so many other things going in at all of our stores, I can't list them all here. BUT! Every store is receiving 1 case (12 large 220z. bottles) of Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale this week. This is a black IPA. Never heard of that style? Me either. Get one, unless you hate awesome new beer experiences. This weekend will also see the introduction of the Guinness 250. This is a non-nitro stout brewed to commemorate the 250th ann'y of the signing of the lease on St. James Gate (confused? Keep on Googling). How's it taste? I don't know that either! Aaarrgghh! Looks like I am going to have to drink a lot of beer this week. Anyone else getting deja-vu?
PS- Here are my comments on the photos:
  • It all started innocently enough at Trapeze (above right).
  • The brewery party was great. Look at the beautiful day we had (below 1) and the cool company. On the right is Jason from Crabby. He was on the legendary CA trip last year.
  • Lookin' good, Fred! (below 2, but 24/7 really.)
  • See the Terrapin brew house? Lots of room to grow, thankfully. Huge horizons.
  • Late night back at Trapeze was tasty (see empty glasses on the table)! And then it ended, abruptly for some. Remember: When the game is on the line, leave everything on the field.