Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Thorny Situation

This sign means good beer is behind door # 1.
Remember when I went to England earlier this year? Remember that Spike from Terrapin brewed a collaboration beer while we were there? Remember that the brewery was called Thornbridge, and that their beers were killer?  I seems like a long time ago, but it takes a while to make an Imperial ESB with rye malt, then ship it across the ocean all the way to Atlanta, GA. But it's here, and it is almost time to drink it. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 4th (that's next week people!), and head down to The Fred Bar to taste the Thornbridge/Terrapin Coalition. It will be pouring from a cask, as well as the regular taps. How rare is this beer? There are only four reviews of it from the entire U.S. on, and none of those are from Georgia. So, yeah, it is pretty special. Here are the other Thornbridge beers that will be on tap that night:
  • Thornbridge Beadeca's Well (a smoked porter, 5.3%) 
  • Thornbridge Halcyon (an IPA, 7.4%)
  • Thornbridge Kipling (a pale ale 5.2%)
These beers are not cheap, but neither are you, so I guess I will see you on Tuesday. Spike will be on hand around 6:00 pm to tell you about the beer and his story about brew day in Britain. Don't miss it.
Do I make you Thorny, baby?
I also want to take this opportunity to tell you about the cask this Friday, May 31st at Taco Mac in Duluth. This is the final cask from the series made by some of our loyal customers with O'Dempsey's. Drew Buehler's creation has figs, black cardamom, cocoa nibs, Jim Beam barrel staves, and vanilla beans in a cask of O'Dempsey's Your Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout. Tap time is 6:00 pm. If you are a credit seeker, then you will want to know that this will be a distinct and original credit from every other cask that has come before it, and that this credit will never be used again. 

Lastly, I am about to publish the calendar of when and where we will be tapping the different SweetWater casks that we made recently. Below are the details on the five different flavors. One is coming soon to a Taco Mac near you. I strongly recommend that you get out and drink a few of these. SweetWater casks do not come around very often, and I can absolutely guarantee that we will not have the opportunity to do this again for a long, long time.
  • IPA w/ grapefruit, apricots, orange & rosemary
  • Brown Ale w/ cardamom, cocoa & orange peel
  • Imperial Stout w/ mint, lactose sugar & cocoa
  • IPA w/ orange, grains of paradise, Cascade, Chinook, Summit & Citra hops
  • Porter w/ chicory, vanilla & cocoa
OK people, that is all I have for you right now. In case you were missing my voice on the radio lately, you will be happy to know that I should resume telling you about the beers of the month again starting in June. This time around I will be on 680 AM instead of 790 AM. Same ads, just a different channel. And the next time I get taken off the radio, I expect to see a flood of nasty e-mails from you people, unlike last time. Not one single outcry of indignant rage. You guys can do better than that. C'mon now.