Friday, May 31, 2013

Here A Cask, There A Cask, Everywhere.....

You know the rest of the song.
Drew Buehler's special cask. Tasted awesome tonight in Duluth!

Here is a quick update on these crazy SweetWater casks that will be available at Taco Mac and Taco Mac only over the next few weeks. We did a contest in the winter for all of our stores. They submitted ideas to the brewery for what cool ways they could trick out some standard SweetWater beers. The head brewer picked the best five recipes, and we made five of each a few weeks ago. We are getting into the first round of them next week, so here is the first leg of this delicious beer adventure. This is going to be fun. If you don't like what I have for you next Saturday, just give up. Stop drinking beer, pick up a different hobby, you're fired. Check it out:

  • It all starts on Wednesday, June 5th at Taco Mac in Marietta, which is one of the winning stores. This cask is a Georgia Brown with cardamom, cocoa & orange peel. Sounds awesome. Tap time is 6:00 pm.
  • Next we will be at the Decatur Taco Mac on Friday night, June 7th. This one is an Exodus Porter with chicory, vanilla & cocoa. Chicory should give a slight smoky quality. Can't wait to try that one too. That is at 6:00 pm as well.
  • Saturday the 8th is the "In-Town Cask Crawl". Get a load of this: At 3:00 pm we will tap an IPA with grapefruit, apricots, orange & rosemary, plus a whole bunch of extra hops at the Virginia Highland store. Next we head up 10th street to Metropolis at 4:30 for another IPA, this one with orange, grains of paradise, Cascade, Chinook, Summit & Citra. Then we go to up Piedmont at 6:00 pm to Lindbergh for a cask of Happy Ending with mint, lactose sugar & cocoa. Three casks in one day, all within a 3.5 mile radius. I think we have a winner of an idea here. I hope to see a few folks make the trek with us. The great, big, grueling 3.5 mile journey for three unique and delicious, fresh, local beers. Who's with me?
That is all I have for now. I will follow-up with the rest of the calendar next week, but I wanted to give everyone the line-up for next week so that you can plan ahead. Have a great weekend.