Friday, May 10, 2013

Who's Been Tappin' That Cask?

I bet you thought I was going to let this entire week go by without posting something, didn't you? I bet you
were expecting me to say, maybe some time late next week, "Oh, man...where does all of the time go? Blah, blah, blah.". Well if so, then I would like take this opportunity to thank you. I felt your bad vibes dragging me down all week. I vowed to overcome them, and I did. Now you have some bad karma to deal with, so good luck.

Zoe The Intern. Trial by fire.
We had a great turnout for the Monday Night cask of Eye Patch IPA with Topaz hops in Alpharetta on Wednesday. The beer was great, and we got to learn a little about what Topaz hops are all about. They are from Australia originally, and they have tropical fruit notes, along with some earthy, grassy flavors that you might associate with English hops. We managed to kill the cask in right around an hour, so I clearly wasn't the only one who enjoyed it. Monday Night brought along their college intern, who was on her second day of work. She got volunteered to tap the cask, whether she liked it or not. She was a little apprehensive at first, but I have to give her credit, she didn't chicken out. She managed to make a little bit of a mess, but otherwise, hats off to Zoe The Intern. Her crew back in Tuscaloosa would be so proud.

Next Friday the 17th at The Fred Bar there is a cask of O'Dempsey's Your Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout to help celebrate American Craft Beer Week. I am not sure what they have done to doctor this one up, but the O'Dempsey's people always seem to find a way to do really interesting things with their casks. I am sure that they will be bringing us something tasty for ACBW. Drop by and find out. Probably going to tap it around 6:00 pm if I had to guess. That is kind of standard operating procedure. Hopefully you've picked up on that by now.

Don't forget about the cask on Friday, May 31st in Duluth. This is the crazy O'Dempsey's Your Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout with figs, black cardamom, cocoa nibs, Jim Beam, and vanilla beans. Can you guess what time we are going to tap it?

That is all I have for now. I just got back from a trip to Chattanooga, and it was mighty fine. I met some great new faces, and ran into some of the usual suspects. Surprisingly, I ran into two separate groups of folks I know from Atlanta who just happened to be up there at the same time. I always enjoy my time up in Chatty town. If you haven't had a chance to visit Chattanooga yet, what are you waiting for? Cool town.

Have a great weekend everyone.